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Bathroom Ceiling Ideas: From Cove to Tiled Designs

Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Here are some ideas on what to do with those bathroom ceilings:

Decorative Touches: Some decorative ideas include wallpapering the ceiling, just like in picture (1). You can get wallpaper that comes in a tile design like the one seen in picture (2). And these can be painted over to suit the look and style of your bathroom. Tiles are another way to go – in picture (3) faux bronze tiles decorate the bathroom ceiling.

Painting the ceiling a solid pop of color is a simpler and cheaper option. If you’d like to have a textured look, have a look at our painting techniques post here that shows different ways of creating painted textures – like using a sponge to create a marble look.

The Go to Choice: The most popular ceiling choice in a modern home is a finished ceiling with recessed lights. If you have a large bathroom, the ceiling design can be broken up a bit by having drop down sections like in picture (4).

For other top remodeling ideas, have a look at my post here: The Upgrade: Top 8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Design Tips.

Other Structural Bathroom Ceiling Ideas: For a grander looking bathroom, have a look at installing cove lighting (5). This is when there is a drop down ceiling that has a cutaway. Light fixtures sit hidden in the cutaway section – giving the room a nice soft glow.

Crown molding can be used to line the edges of the ceiling. It can also be used along with beams to create a bold design (6).

Having a skylight is a great way of naturally lighting the bathroom during the day (7).  And if you like the shabby chic style, a chandelier is a great piece to have in the bathroom.

There is always the option of leaving the ceiling unfinished, and showing the rustic beams if you have them (8)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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