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WelcomeIf you are looking for ideas on how to transform your home, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to be an interior designer to be able to create an amazing looking home.

Ideas. That is what Home Tree Atlas is all about. Creative ideas for your home. Here you’ll find a growing collection of interior design and decor mood boards, and design tips for every space in the home.

To help you find the right ideas for your home, I’ve organised the posts so you can browse by: room, style, and color. If I haven’t touched on something you need yet, or if you have a problem area at home you need help with – message me here and we can come up with ideas together.

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Home Tree Atlas Origins

Home Tree Atlas started because I could’t find anywhere that talked about ideas or tips on how to design a home. I would go to book shops, and all they had were books filled with pictures. Great to look at, but hard to learn from.

It was the same with other websites. There was nowhere to really find creative ideas, and learn about interior design. So that is why I started Home Tree Atlas, to learn and share ideas on home design. Here are some of my popular posts:

A cheap wallpaper alternative:

Storing in style:

Who knew this would be such a big design problem:

Becoming a Designer

I’ll be writing more on overall interior design. There a few priority design areas that make the most difference when designing and styling a room: like color choice, styling focal points, and lighting. The areas that make the most difference. If you want to learn about these interior design topics, you can stay in the loop here:

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