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Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas: From Space Saving to Decorative Extras

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

A great space saving idea is to use a curved shower rod as seen in picture (1). This way you won’t feel too closed in when you are in the shower. A curved shower rod doesn’t take up any extra floor space – because when you draw the curtain back, it tucks away where any strait shower curtain would. You can also get a double curved rod – so that once you’ve finished showering and you open up the shower curtain, there right in front of you is your towel hanging on the second rod (2).

Another design idea that can make your bathroom feel larger is to use extra long shower curtains (3). By hanging these up closer to the ceiling, you make the room feel taller and more spacious.

Some decorative bathroom shower curtain ideas include having a fixed curtain and using tie backs just like in picture (4). Or how about having a second rod to hang up a decorative fabric curtain (5). For a more modern and contemporary look, hookless shower curtains work best (6). While a vintage and country ruffle style curtain adds a more decorative touch to the room.

One thing to remember when choosing a shower curtain is that in most bathrooms the curtain is a large item in the room. It becomes a focal point, and can play a role in determining the style and look of the room. So if you want to create a more spacious and airy feeling room, then go for lighter colors like white, cream, or light blues and green. Orange and red will create a more dynamic looking room. While darker colors like purple and black can create a more romantic and cozy looking bathroom – depending on the rest of the design and decor. And a monogrammed curtain creates a more formal and traditional looking space. 1/2/3/4/5/6

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