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Leave No Space Dark: Hallway Lighting Ideas

Hallway Lighting Ideas

Let’s not forget to light up the hallways in our homes. You’ll want to have at least one light every 5-10 feet so there are no dark spots. One light in the middle of the hallway won’t cut it. Just take a look at the picture below from Wit and Whistle and you’ll see why.

Hallway Lighting

So here are all of the hallway lighting ideas you’ll need to brighten up your hallways.

The Modern Look

For a modern looking hallway design, go with recessed lighting – just like in pictures (1) and (2). These lights are fitted into the ceiling, so all of the fixtures are hidden away creating a sleek minimalist, and modern look. They will also make your hallway feel taller. Recessed lights can be used along side other lighting fixtures too – like pendant lights, wall lights, cove lighting design, or side table lighting if you want to create different lighting effects in the space, for a grander look.

There are also down lights or recessed spotlights which are similar to recessed lights. Except these are fitted closer to the walls, to light up a walls texture, or paintings hanging on them.

Hallway Lights

Something Fancy

Cove lighting can line a hallway’s ceiling and add a nice soft glow to the room. Cove lighting is when lights are hidden away, but softly bounce light off of the walls and ceiling back into the room (3). There are two ways to do this A) have a drop down ceiling fitted and a cutaway where the lights can sit. Or B) fit crown molding a few inches below the ceiling so there is space for lights to sit on top – you can read more about it and see more pictures in my post here (The Beauty of Using Cove Lighting: Ideas and Designs).

Lighting Your Way

Directional spotlights and track lighting are lights that can be pointed to different areas of the hallway. If you have a long hallway use track lighting (4). If you have more of a box shaped hallway look for directional spotlights which are usually 3 lights grouped closely together in a circle (seen in the picture below). The good thing about these kinds of light fixtures is that you only need one electrical outlet to install a number of lights.

Directional Lighting

Bringing The Light Down

If you are lucky enough to have a tall hallway, you’ll want to use lights that bring the light closer down. So use hanging lights like pendants (5) (6) (7) (8), mini chandeliers, or lanterns.

Wall Lighting

If you have a wide hallway, then you have the option of using wall lights – as seen in picture (9). You could also hang up gallery lights above any paintings.

Another option for wide hallways is to add a side table just like in picture (10). This side table can be used to display decor items, have a clutter tray, and have a lamp on it – adding to the lighting in the hallway.

Designer Tip: If you want to make your hallway feel larger and wider, hang up a mirror. 

Going Natural

For the hallways on the top floor, look to use natural lighting. One way to do this is to fit solar tubes. These are tubes that go all the way from the roof to inside the house, bringing light down. You can even find solar tubes that have a ring light around them so you can turn them on at night. Or how about fitting a skylight (11) for some majestic hall lighting? 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

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