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Inbetween Rooms: Hallway Paint Colors

Hallway Paint Colors

Hallway Paint Colors

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Barren Plain 2111-60

Hallway Colors

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Hallway Paint Ideas

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Ivory White 925

Hallway Color Ideas

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Golden Straw 2152-50

Paint Color Ideas

Similar Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

The hallway can be easily overlooked when it comes to home design. It is a shame really, since the first thing you see when you leave your bedroom will be what you have in your hallway. Here are some ideas for hallway paint colors and design elements.

For A Modern Look

The modern color scheme consists of neutral colors such as light grey, off white or cream – just like the hallways in the first four pictures above. But you’ll need to add extra design elements to create a well designed combination, otherwise your halls will looks quite plain and dull. Adding floor trim for example. Crown molding is another design element, along with wall trim, decorative columns, and wainscoting. Another way to break up a solid wall is to hang up framed pictures – check out the hallway below.

Hallway Decor

The hallways in pictures (4) and (5) use non modern hallway colors.

Narrow vs Wide Hallways

In my Leave No Space Dark: Hallway Lighting Ideas post I talk about how you want more than just one ceiling light, lighting up the hallway. You want to have enough lights spread out to leave no space dark. If you are not able to redo the lighting, then it is best to go with a light colored wall paint. This will help make the area feel more spacious. Hanging up a mirror in the hallway will also help make a dark or narrow space feel larger and brighter, as it reflects light and adds depth.

If you have a wide hallway, any paint color, include dark ones will look good. For wider hallways you’ll definitely want to add some of the design elements mentioned above (crown molding, wall trim, wainscoting) along with wall lamps and side tables to break up the solid looking walls.

Creative Hallway Ideas

If you want a more decorative looking hallway, then check out my painting textures post (Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects) for ideas such as using a brush to create a linen paint effect, or a sponge to create a marble look.

There is always wallpaper, though an expensive option. But check out the anaglypta style wallpaper below. It adds style to a wall but in a subtle and understated way.

Anaglypta Wallpaper

Left: Richard Anaglypta from Wayfair $2.91  |  Right: Armadillo Anaglypta from Wayfair $5.56


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