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Hallway Storage Ideas for Wide and Narrow Spaces

Hallway Storage Ideas

The first group of hallway storage ideas are more suited for wider hallways. Further below I go over ideas for more narrow spaces.

The simplest way of adding storage to a hallway, is to buy a hall tree. These are more suited to areas near the front door – as they are used to store shoes, keys, scarves, hats, etc. Or instead of a free standing unit, you could create your own storage combo by the front door. Check out the hallway storage bench, hook, and shelf combination in picture (2).

If you are looking for storage ideas for the space around the staircase, well that awkward space under the stairs can built to have shelving, and much more  (3). Have a look at my mood board here for more ideas: The Space Under The Stairs: Ideas and Designs.

A side table always looks good in a wide hallway. Not only can it be used to store items in draws, but it can also have a mirror, lamp and decor items sitting on top – letting you create a stylised area in the hallway.

Hallway Furniture

A Hall Table: $113 Wayfair   |   B Naples Hall Tree: $346 Wayfair   |   C Rosston Hall Tree: $114 Wayfair

How great would it be to curl up on a window seat and peacefully read a book? So how about creating a little cozy nook in your hallway (4) – with a comfy bench or day bed with some wall shelves to store away books. You can also get benches with a top that opens so you can store items inside like shoes or umbrellas.

Some other storage ideas include:

  • Wicker baskets are useful for storing items and keeping things out of view – plus they look good (5).
  • Shadow boxes are a decorative way of having wall shelves (6)
  • A coat hanger can be used by the front door
  • Crates can be stacked on top of each other to create custom furniture shelving

Storage Ideas for Narrow Hallways

Here are some ideas and solutions on how to add hallway storage if you have a narrow space:

  • Hang up some floating shelves as these won’t take up any floor space (7)
  • The same goes with wall hooks
  • You can even have a hook and shelf combo just like the one in picture (8)
  • A recessed shelf is a fancy addition to a hall, but more for decorative items than storage
  • A corner shelf unit can also help save space
  • A ladder makes for a portable and simple hanger (Ideas for Decorating With Ladders)
  • Built in storage units make the most of a hallway’s space. They will be built to blend in with the design of the hallway so it won’t feel as imposing compared to using free standing units
  • Make the most of the height in a hallway by building built in floor to ceiling storage cabinets (9)

See if you can hang up a mirror. Not only will it add depth to narrow hallway, but it will bounce and reflect light around making the space feel larger. Also try and mix art pieces with your hallway storage pieces, such as framed wall pictures seen in picture (10), so that your storage units don’t dominate the look of the hallway. Also, it might be a good idea to streamline the colors in the hallway to 1-2, to create a cleaner and more organized look.

For ideas specific to hallway shoe storage, check out my mood board here: Unique Closet and Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas.


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