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Unique Closet and Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas

 Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas

When it comes to all the shoe storage ideas, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions to find the right solutions for you. Do you want to keep the shoes hidden away so you won’t have visual clutter? Are you looking for storage ideas for yourself or for your kids? Do you want to be able to see all your shoes so you can find the right pair easily? Or do you want to put your shoes up on display? Below I’ll go over a range of ideas that will cover all the different options.

Storing Shoes by The Entryway

This is the place to keep your shoes that you use on a more daily basis. Later I’ll go over ideas on storing shoes in the bedroom or closet.

An all in one storage unit, such as a hall tree, lets you store everything you need by the front door – just like in picture (1). A ladder is a unique idea for storing shoes (2), either by the front door or even in the bedroom. You can even fit hooks to the sides of the ladder to hang up your keys.

Other foyer and entryway shoe storage ideas include:

  • Hanging up floating shelves or railings on the walls (3). This can also work for storing shoes in the garage, mudroom, or hallway
  • Using large pvc piping to create shoe cubbies (4)
  • Crates can be hung on the wall to create your own personalised cubbie wall (5)
  • Follow along with the paid guide here to make your own lazy Susan shoe tower (6)
  • By grouping together your shoes in a wicker basket/tray, just like in picture (7), you create a clutter free and organized look
  • A glass door storage cabinet lets you store your shoes, and makes it easy to see each pair (8)
  • Some people would rather have their shoes out of sight, as this create a more minimalist look. To do this, get some closed cabinets just like the ones in picture (9) or for a modern style the cabinet in picture (10) which can be bought here.
  • Another way to hide your shoes is to store them in an ottoman or a shoe storage bench that has an open top
  • Crown molding can be used to hang up heels by the front door or in the bedroom (11)

Kids Shoe Storage Ideas

For kids, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for them to store away their shoes, otherwise they’ll be left all over the place. By the front door is the way to go. Since kids won’t have too many shoes they don’t really need to be organized. Large buckets (12), baskets or a large cubby are great for kids to throw their shoes into.

Closet Shoe Storage Ideas

For those who have a shop worth of shoes, storing them in the bedroom or closet helps keep the entryway tidy. You could go all out and build your own shoe closet. The one in picture (A) simply uses IKEA EXPEDIT closets, which have the right size cubbies for shoes.

Closet Shoe Storage Ideas

Much simpler shoe storage ideas for small spaces and closets include:

  • Using a vertical hanging shoe organiser. Either hanging down from a closet railing seen in picture (B), or over the closet door (C)
  • Coat hangers can be bent so you can hang up your shoes in your closet (D)
  • Even file organisers can be used. They can separate and store sandals and flats on a closet shelf (E)
  • You could also use clear stackable plastic shoe storage boxes. Not only will these help store away your shoes, but lets you easily see what is inside each box.

The space under the bed can also be used to store shoes. Wicker baskets could be used, or there are storage boxes on wheels – like the ones from IKEA. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12   |   A/B/C/D/E

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