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Space Saving and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

Space Saving and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

The bedroom is one place in the home where you really want to have everything stored away and organized. You want your bedroom to be a relaxing space, and if everything is all over the place this won’t be the case. It is also a good idea to try and use bedroom storage ideas that keep everything out of sight, as this will reduce visual clutter making the space feel relaxing.

Space Saving Storage Ideas and Tips

Here are some ways to save space while storing and organizing in the bedroom. These solutions are ideal if you are looking for storage ideas for a small bedroom (Design Tips: Small Bedroom Ideas):

  • The back of the bedroom door can be used for storage. You can simply attach hooks to hang up clothes, keys, belts – as seen in picture (1). Or you can buy a ‘over the door organiser’.
  • The inside of closet doors can also be modified to store items. Hooks or an over the door organizers can work here too. Hanging up a peg board is another idea.
  • Having mirrors on your closet doors, just like in picture (2), adds depth to the room and reflects light around – making the bedroom feel larger.
  • The space under the bed is always a good place to hideaway and store items. You’ll need a bed that has some floor room. If you are able to see the things stored underneath the bed, you’ll want to get containers that look good – such as wicker baskets (3), or an IKEA under the bed roller container.
  • Another way to store under the bed is to get an ottoman bed. These are beds that are hinged so you can easily lift the mattress up, and have a large space to store items underneath (4). Perfect for a small bedroom.
  • Below the bed is great for storage, but so to is above. Take advantage of the height in the room. Place a shelf above the bed to store books, art pieces, and lamps. A built in cabinet will make the most of the space over the bed, just like in picture (5).
  • Built in closets are definitely the way to go if you are looking to save space. They will be designed to make the most use of the layout in the bedroom. They can be built all the way up to ceiling and you can have corner units built. Not only do they make the best use of the layout in the room, but they will be designed to blend with the space. What this does is make the bedroom look more uniformed, which will give the feeling that the space is larger and more spacious.
  • Really use the walls if you are tight on space. Have levels and levels of shelves. Floating shelves are great because they don’t take up any floor space, and there are no brackets to clutter up the look of the walls.
  • A bunk bed is a great space saving solution. It doesn’t just have to be for a kids bedroom. The top level can be the bed area while the bottom level can be a home office or living space.
  • If you don’t have space for a side table, then have a look at bedside organizers – seen in picture (6).
  • If you have a small closet then take a look at my post here for specific ideas and photos: Smart Small Closet Ideas and Storage Organization Tricks
  • Or if you have no closet, then these ideas here will help: Getting Creative: No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

Bedroom Door Storage

A Wicker Door Storage Amazon  |  B Door Rack Amazon  |  C Door Organzier Amazon

Bedside Storage

D Bedside Caddy Amazon  |  E Bedside Folding Shelf Amazon

More Than 1 Room

If you need to use your bedroom for another purpose, such as a home office, home gym or a craft room, then look to DIY room dividers. I put together a mood board of ideas here: Ideas Mood Board: DIY Room Dividers. For example, if you need to have gym equipment or a home office in the bedroom, you can hang up a curtain so that when the gym or office is not in use you can hide it all away and still keep a relaxing feeling in the bedroom. Another way of adding a home office into the bedroom is to use the closet:

Comfort and Storage

If you’ve got space, put a bedroom storage bench at the foot of your bed (7). It will help when you need to get change, but it can also have a flip top so you can store things away.

Bedroom Storage Ottoman

F Afton Bedroom Storage Ottoman Wayfair  |  E Clair Storage Ottoman Wayfair

To make it easy to find things on your shelves and in your closet, look to have lights fitted just for them. They can be lights fitted to the top of the closet that point inwards. They can be lights that are stuck to the top of shelves that automatically come on when you open the closet door. For more ideas and pictures have a look at my mood board here: Closet Lighting Ideas: From Wireless to Walk In.

Creating Style Through Storage

You can add style to your room through how you store things away. The furniture pieces and storage containers you use can act as decor pieces. Here are some stylish bedroom organization ideas: wicker baskets and trays, wire baskets, enamel containers, vintage bottles (Home Decor Ideas: Using Vintage Glass Bottles), French hat boxes, and antique trunks are some elegant storage solutions. Even decorative picture frames can be used to hang up photos, jewelry or keys in the bedroom (Photo Display: Ideas for Shabby Chic Picture Frames and Stands). For more stylized storage ideas have a look at my mood boards here:

Ladders are also another decorative way of storing things in the bedroom. They can be used to hang up blankets, clothes, shoes or magazines (8) (Ideas for Decorating With Ladders).

If you decide to have a vanity in your bedroom, this can also add to the style of the space. Check out the antique style vanity in picture (9). You can also find more modern streamlined vanities too.

For a step by step plan on how to declutter your bedroom, have a look at my post here: Stress Free Living: How To Declutter Your Bedroom

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