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From Italy: Tuscan Living Room Ideas

Tuscan Living Room Ideas

When it comes to Tuscan living room ideas, for me, the one thing to keep in mind is ‘raw earth’. You are taking a design style founded in the rolling hills of Tuscany – so there is a lot of inspiration coming from rustic nature. Just like in the Tuscan Kitchen Decor Ideas post, you want to use a lot of wood and stone, along with wrought iron pieces.

The colors you’ll see in a Tuscan style living room, are made up of natural yellows, terracotta, stone grey, deep woods and leather, and because it is the country side – splashes of greenery.

Warmth in the Walls

The walls of the room can really set the tone for the Tuscan style. Look at most of the pictures above and you will see a lot of stone work – whether that be stone bricks or tiles. If having the entire room in stone is a little too rustic, then look to have a feature wall (one wall) covered in stone – just like in picture (6).

The key with the walls is to create a textured effect. An alternative to stone walls is rough plaster or stucco. A step down from that would be to use textured painting techniques to recreate a similar feel. Check out my post here for different ways you can create a magical textured wall just by using paint: Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects.

Architectural Pieces 

Exposed beams lining the ceiling adds to the warmth in the room. Some other architectural styling ideas would include making use of arches to frame the room – like in picture (7). Or how about the wrought iron archway piece framing the walkway in picture (8). It really adds the Tuscan style to an otherwise modern looking house.


If you live in a warm area then stone or terracotta tiles would be the best choice. Otherwise hardwood flooring would be a good alternative.

Tuscan Style Lighting

One of the best ways to infuse the wrought iron pieces of the Tuscan decor style is through lighting. You’ve got everything from wrought iron chandeliers and pendant lights, to wrought iron lamps and candle holders.

In the daytime you’ll want to make use of large windows to bathe the whole living room in natural light. This would be another area where you can infuse arches – check out the arch window in picture (9).

Tuscan Decor and Furniture Pieces

When it comes to the seating area, plush leather chairs or upholstered chairs with hardwood frames would be the way to go. These chairs add that raw natural brown color into the room, just like in picture (10).

For decor items, some Tuscan style living room decorating ideas include: ceramics and pottery, wrought iron decor pieces (letters, sculptures, baskets), and terracotta pots.

And don’t forget about the coffee table, a piece that could set the whole style for your living room. Ideas here include a hardwood top with wrought iron legs. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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