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Home Decor Ideas: The Sharpie Touch

DIY Sharpie Art Ideas

Sharpie pens, those colourful and popular markers. Who knew there would be so many different home decor DIY projects that you could do with them. From using them on your walls, tableware, to rugs and lamps – here are the Sharpie art ideas that inspire me.

Black and White Home Decor

Ceramic is a popular choice for adding the Sharpie touch to. The black on white creates a striking combo. You’ll want to use an oil based Sharpie, this way you can put your final piece in the oven to seal in the drawings. That is what Lova did over on Sweet Paul to create the mug artwork seen in picture (1). Or how about grabbing some air dry clay to create your own little home decor pieces – and then decorate them with a Sharpie (2).

If you get sick of using tableware, how about going out and grabbing some stones. With a black Sharpie you can create your own Zenstones. Check out the cool Sharpie designs by Judy on Arty Judy seen in picture (3).

Sharpie on Fabric

Fabric is another popular material for making Sharpie crafts. Create your own DIY slip cover seen in picture (4), or how about crafting your own fantastic doodle-icious napkins (5).

Over on A Subtle Revelry you can see how taking some time to write out a favourite quote, poem, or song line creates elegant scripted pillow cases (6) – the perfect focal piece for your bedroom (How to Create a Romantic Bedroom: Pictures, Designs and Decor Ideas). The same can be done in the kitchen. In picture (7) Becca from Blue Cricket Design gathered all the things her family were grateful for and wrote them out on a table cloth – just in time for Thanksgiving.

Sharpie Ideas For the Ambitious

Here are some big ticket items that were a little surprising to see the Sharpie touch added to. First up is an area rug. It took some effort, but taking a plain rug (with stains) and transforming it into a geometric printed piece looks like a worthy upcycling project, by A Nest For All Seasons (8).

How about taking on this Sharpie idea? Use a paint Sharpie, a gold one, on a plain white wall to create your own designer wallpaper. That is what Mandi did at Vintage Revivals to create her geometric designed, DIY sharpie wallpaper seen in picture (9).

On Your Side Table

Check out Dream Green DIY to see how Carrie was able to easily add some dimension to a side table using a gold Sharpie. It is very subtle, but highly effective (10). And over at Better Homes and Gardens an ordinary table lamp has had the magical Sharpie touch applied to it too – seen in picture (11).


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