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DIY Pendant Light Ideas: From Paper Lanterns To Concrete Lamps

DIY Pendant Light Ideas

The good thing about most of the DIY pendant light ideas shown in the mood board above, is that they don’t require any special wiring. Making them easy and simple home decor projects.

A Wrap Around

Veneer strips, twine, and doilies are some of the materials that can be used to wrap around a pendant light to make creative and beautiful DIY hanging lamp shades. You can follow along with the veneer DIY project seen in picture (1) here.

The DIY string lamp chandelier seen in the outdoor picture (2) can be adapted to have a hanging light fitted inside just like the veneer project. The technique used to create the string lanterns can also be done with other materials other than string to create different styled lights. Balloons were used to create the round shape. Twine that was dipped in cornstarch was then wrapped around the balloon. The twine hardens and is set in place. The balloon can be popped and removed – follow along with the step by step instructions here. A similar technique can be done with doily patterns seen in picture (3).

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Paper Lanterns

A paper lantern makes for a great DIY pendant lamp base. I’ve seen people glue circle cut outs of maps, geometric cut outs, and even playing cards to a paper lantern, creating their own homemade pendant lights. The DIY project by Nichole in picture (4) uses a large paper lantern and coffee filters to create one big fluff ball of a light. It is one time consuming project though, taking around 10 hours or so to glue the 1000 coffee filters one by one.

Hang a number of paper lanterns in a group, at different heights, to create a paper lantern chandelier. You could have string lights fed into the lanterns, or have one pendant light hanging in the middle of the ensemble to light it all up.

A simple and and quick paper lantern project is to create an ombre effect – just like the lantern in picture (5). This can be done by either dip dying the paper lantern or using spray paint to progressively add color to the white lantern.

Going Ombre Again

If you can find yourself some snow globe like pendant lights, there is another ombre/gradient lighting project you can do. Over on Design Love Fest there is a tutorial on how to elegantly spray an ombre color palette onto white glass pendant lamp shades (6).

Concrete and Bottles

Ben over on Homemade Modern used soda and water bottles to create simple concrete molds – creating the industrial chic pendant lamps seen in picture (7).

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