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Features for the Dream Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Layout Ideas and Designs

In the mood board above we have included photos of the general kitchen layout ideas. You have the u shaped layout as seen in pictures (1) & (2), the L shaped kitchen (3), and the galley kitchen (4) (5). This post is going to focus on features that can be included in your kitchen. Things that will determine its layout:

The Dinner Table: One of the biggest factors of your kitchen layout will be how you will want the dining arrangement to be. You have options like having an open kitchen plan (separated by a kitchen bar?), keeping dining in a separate room, having an elegant long table for an eat in setting like in picture (6), or wanting to create a kitchen nook for booth style dining (7).

Island Layout Ideas: If you have a lot of space to play with, a kitchen island is always a great feature to have. Even if you have a small kitchen, a small and simple side table can work wonders as an island. But for those that have the space, a built in kitchen island can be used for more than just a countertop and storage. Having leg space allows for seating (8), you can also have the cooker fitted here (9), a sink (10), or even a fridge at the base (11). There are chandeliers available that can hang over the island and will also act as a pot rack.

Bar: A kitchen breakfast bar can be a standalone unit or be a continuation of an L or U shaped kitchen design layout (12) (Cooking Time: U Shaped Kitchen Designs and Ideas).

Peninsular Work Station: A peninsular is a worktop that sticks out into the room forming part of an L or U shaped kitchen. The difference between this and a kitchen bar is that the bar will have leg space (and the countertop could be raised) while a peninsular will have storage at the base.

Desk: If you want to have a convenient space to do paper work, then look to fit a desk into the layout as seen in picture (13).

Command Center: A command center can be set up on a wall to track daily tasks. Check out our post here (Ideas for Setting up a Family Command Center in the Kitchen) for ideas like using chalkboards and calendars to create a kitchen command center. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13

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