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Spicing it Up: Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Here are some bedroom ceiling ideas to help transform your space. If you have a low ceiling, be careful not to over do it with the ceiling design. It can end up being a bit overwhelming and in your face. Whereas if you have high ceiling, you have more freedom to play around with the design.

Painting, Wallpaper Decor and Ceiling Design Styles

For some people, painting the bedroom walls in a color can feel a bit overwhelming. This isn’t the case if you just paint the ceiling a color. If you have plain white walls, then painting the ceiling can add some color to the space. You could also go for a decorative pattern, just like in picture (1).

For more fancy bedroom ceiling designs have a look at Anaglypta wallpapers. It is the 3D textured wallpaper that can be painted over to suit the color scheme of the room. And it can be used on the ceilings. You can get full patterned designs, or designs that mimic tiles.

Anaglypta Wallpaper

A Egon Floral: $3 Wayfair  |  B Alfred: $4 Wayfair

C Spencer: $6 Wayfair  |  D Victorian: $3 Wayfair

To create a traditional feeling room, look to fit bead boards on the ceiling. Another design option is to have exposed beams (2). These beams will create a rustic and charming looking bedroom.

Ceiling coffers are popular in modern homes and master bedrooms. They add a subtle style to the ceiling. In picture (3) you can see white coffers. But you can mix it up and paint the beams or the flat ceiling portions to suit your design style. Another idea is to use decorative ceiling trim, just like the ceiling in picture (4).

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve decided on the ceiling style you want to go for, there are some finishing touches that can add to the design of the room. One of these is crown molding. You could go the simple route. Or there are fancier options such as creating a coved ceiling, where the wall and ceiling are rounded – seen in picture (5). Other crown molding design options include: multi level crown molding/tray ceiling (6), or using anqitue style crown molding (7),

Another thing you can do, this time to create a whimsical and romantic bedroom, is to hang drapes down from the ceiling. Over the bed you can create your own ceiling canopy.

Lighting Design

There is a lot that you can do with lighting to create different ceiling designs.

In most modern homes you will see recessed bedroom ceiling lighting. These are lights that are fitted into the ceiling, and since everything is hidden away you create a clean, minimalist and modern look. To do this you are going to need to have a drop down or false ceiling to fit them into.

This false or drop down ceiling can take on different forms to create different designs. You can have multi level drop downs. You can create shapes with the ceilings. There are also cove lighting (8), where the ceiling lights are hidden away in side pockets, softly lighting up the bedroom. Then there is also dome ceilings, which can be combined with lighting.

A bedroom chandelier adds a formal, and shabby chic style to a bedroom. A chandelier can be combined with a decorative ceiling rose – seen in picture (9). Or if you want to go really creative and unique, why not use fiber optics to create a constellation sky in the ceiling.

For more bedroom lighting ideas, have a look at my mood board post here: Relaxing Bedroom Lighting Ideas.


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