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Wallpaper Ideas for the Bedroom

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Here are just a few design tips to consider when looking at bedroom wallpaper ideas and designs:

Design Choices: There are two different choices when it comes to choosing a wallpaper design. There are the simple styles (like the grass cloth wallpaper in picture (1)) and the more decorative styles (photos (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) & (7)). Simple designs, like a linen texture or plain colors with textures, are timeless and easier to decorate the rest of the room with. While more decorative designs, stencil and graphic type, are more dynamic and can be less timeless.

Placement: To keep the room from being overpowered by a decorative wallpaper, most master bedrooms will just have the wall where the headboard is up against wallpapered. While the rest of the walls will be painted in a solid color. You can even create your own custom wall mounted headboard with the wallpaper and a DIY border (8).

Decorative Elements: Borders can be used to break up a flat and large wall. These are strips of wallpaper that can be fitted around the middle of the wall or even near the top. How about wallpapering the ceiling as seen in pictures (9) & (10)?

For The Kids: For the kids bedroom, there is a whole range of themed wallpapers to go with: dinosaurs, Tinkerbell, cowboys, ponies, anything from Pixar. You can get the whole wall covered, or use borders to add just a splash of fantasy (11). Another idea is to stick up decals. You can even find glow in the dark wallpaper – or just use glow in the dark stickers and decals of stars, moon and planets. Check out our posts here for more bedroom decorating ideas for kids: Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids, Cute Kids Bedroom Lighting Ideas.

DIY Ideas: You can find embossed wallpaper that has a 3D effect (12). This type of wallpaper can be painted over with any color you like (13), or it can be left white. It doesn’t have to just be used on the walls. It can be used to create a pattered headboard.

Using Paint: Wallpaper can be an expensive decorative element. An alternative is to use textured painting techniques – which can be quite simple to do. Brushing over wet paint with a dry brush can create a modern linen effect, while using a sponge can create a marble texture. Have a look at our post here for the different techniques and pictures: Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13

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