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Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Beds: You have to check out our post on all the different kinds of bunk beds (Bunk Bed Ideas for an Awesome Kids Room). There are some amazing bunk bed designs as seen in pictures (1) and (2), from built in beds, ones with slides, or a loft bunk bed (desk below the bed) – which are all ideal for small rooms or even large ones. There is something magical that comes with sleeping in a bunk bed.

Lighting Up The Room: Create a space/astronaut inspired sky by fitting fiber optics into the ceiling to create stars and constellations (3). A simpler way of doing this is to just stick glow in the dark stars.

How about letting the kids control the color of the room by having a mood light, like the Yantouch (4), which can change colors or you can choose which color you want lighting up the room. Let the kids bath the wall in blue, green, or yellow! For more lighting ideas for the kid’s room have a look at our post here Cute Kids Bedroom Lighting Ideas.

A Glowing Room: Want to get dirty with some DIY work and looking to remodel a kids room? Well how cool is this – glow in the dark concrete. This can be used to create floors, walls, ceilings, and countertops. A simpler way of achieving this is to use glow in the dark paint to highlight certain parts of a wall mural as seen in picture (5).

Secrets: Kids love having their own private getaway – think tree houses and forts (even bunk beds). So how about building a secret passage way through a closet (6) to another room (to a brother or sisters room? Into the hallway, or up into the attic!! ). Or if you have the space, a mini tree house either custom built or by modifying a bunk bed (7).

Imaginations: Furniture and accessories that let kids use their imaginations to create a fantasy world makes for an awesome and cool bedroom. Like a race car bed, having a tent/tepee in the corner of the room (8), or decorating the room with a theme (dinosaurs, cowboys, Tinkerbell).

Fun Times: Other cool bedroom ideas and decorating options include painting a wall with chalkboard paint (9) so that the kids can get all artistic. Or how about hanging a swing (10) or even a hanging chair (11) would be pretty awesome to have – and some beanbags 🙂 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

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