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A Magical Space: Princess Bedroom Ideas

A Magical Space: Princess Bedroom Ideas

Everything from the paint on the walls to the lights you use can help create an enchanting bedroom. The princess bedroom ideas and decorations in this post will help you transform your space into a magical wonderland.

Painting the Room

Painting all of the walls and the ceiling pink in one way to go.

Or a toned down option is to paint one wall pink, the one behind the headboard, and the rest of the walls white. This creates a feature wall.

And the third option is to paint all of the walls white and add pops of pink to the bedroom though the main feature and furniture pieces, listed below.

Princess Pink Bedroom Ideas

How To Style the Bed

The bed is the main focal point in the room. So you’ll want to spend more time styling this area. A white bed would be the way to go. See if you can one that has a curved headboard as this creates a more vintage style (How to Design Your Own DIY Tufted Headboard in 4 Steps).

The bed sheets will play a big role in styling the room, since they take up a lot of visual space. So opt for pink and white decorative ones. The same goes for the pillow cases.

See if you can hang some fabric above the bed to create a magical canopy – just like the bedroom in picture (3).

Other Decor Pieces to Style a Princess Theme Bedroom

  • Hang up some lace and pink fabric curtains – add a valance for an even more magical look
  • A pink area rug is another way to add a pop of color to the bedroom
  • Hang up a pink art piece. Or hang up any art piece, but in a large pink frame
  • Restyle the bedroom closets with a coat of paint, and even add a ceiling medallion to frame the doorknobs for a unique touch (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover)
  • Have a look at my post here for more decor ideas: Creating a Wonderland: Kids Room Decor Ideas

Lighting a Fairytale Room

Here are some enchanting ways to light up the bedroom:

  • Hang some fairy lights around the room. Or use LED fairy lights (they give off less heat) and wrap them in fabric (4)
  • A mini chandelier is perfect for a girls princess bedroom
  • Frame that mini chandelier with a ceiling medallion – just like the bedroom in picture (5)

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