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Creating a Wonderland: Kids Room Decor Ideas

Creating a Wonderland: Kids Room Decor Ideas

Here is a long list of kids room decor ideas, everything from creating a LEGO planter, to using glow in the dark paint to create magical wall decor designs.

Kids bedroom decor ideas

Simple and Creative Kids Room Decor Ideas

Here is a list of unique and creative ways you can decorate a kids room:

  • A wall map. You can always make this a bit more fun by getting a themed wall map, stick LEGO on the wall to create a map, trace the outline of a map on the wall and have the kids fill it in with finger paint.
  • Have a vintage style globe.
  • A nightlight that doubles as a plush toy, like this turtle one here.
  • Spruce up ordinary IKEA furniture with paint. Take the FROSTA stool as an example You could repaint the whole stool to add some color to the room. Or just dip the legs in paint.
  • Glue old toys to the base of a lamp to create a unique bedside lamp – just like the one in picture (6) – an ideal decor piece for a boys room
  • Why not make a bedside table out of LEGOS (21 Insanely Cool DIY LEGO Furniture and Home Decor Creations)
  • How about gluing LEGO sheets on the wall, so that you can create patterns and designs out of LEGO pieces.
  • In my post of 21 cool LEGO projects (link above) there are other ideas that you could use in a kids room such as building a LEGO planter, a LEGO clock, or a LEGO frame for a shelf.
  • If you are looking for an ambitious and cool DIY project, you could fit fiber optics into the ceiling to create a starry night sky
  • Or glow in the dark stick on stars work too
  • Here is a cheap DIY I did, where I used a sheet of plywood and a drill to create a design Drill and Plywood DIY Art Board

Kids bedroom decor ideas

A Bedroom’s Feature Pieces

Don’t forget that the main focal and feature pieces in the bedroom, will really set the style of the space. So pay close attention to these pieces when decorating your kids room:

  • The bed sheets and pillow cases take up a lot of visual space in the bedroom. Have a look at the kids bedroom in picture (5) and see how the style of the sheets really sets the style of the whole bedroom.
  • Closets also have a big impact on the style and feel of the bedroom. You can easily change the look and feel them for cheap if you wanted too. Have a look at my post here for ideas DIY Challenge: Give Your Closets a Makeover – Ideas and Design Tips
  • And then there are the curtains, another piece that sets the style of the room. So choose colorful ones if you want a bright and lively space. Or go with a neutral color (white, grey, cream) if you want a more minimalist bedroom style.

Kids bedroom decor ideas

Decorating the Walls

Here are some ways you can get creative with the walls in a kids room:

  • Use chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard wall
  • Wood paneling with vintage style stamps on them
  • For paint color ideas, have a look at my post here Color Schemes: Kids Room Paint Ideas
  • Paint the walls using glow in the dark paint to create magical designs

Here are some other posts for more ideas on decorating your kids room:

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