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DIY Chalkboard Paint Decor Ideas for the Home

Chalkboard Paint Ideas

The Globe: Our first venture in using chalkboard paint was to create a desk globe, which turned into a weekly to-do calendar as seen in picture (1). See how the DIY project went here: DIY Chalkboard Globe: Anthropologie Soapstone Knock Off.

Planters and Storage: Keep things organized by slapping some chalkboard paint onto plant pots (2) or even jars (3) and write what’s in them – awesome!

The Great Wall: A kitchen wall (4) covered in chalkboard paint can be used as a family command center (Ideas for Setting up a Family Command Center in the Kitchen), or have one painted in the playroom, kids room, or living room for the kids to draw on (5).

A Wall Calendar: As seen by the playroom chalk wall, the base color doesn’t have to always be black. How about creating a calendar with different colored blocks as seen in picture (6)? This would be useful for the kitchen command center or in a home office.

Wall Decor: Create your own art pieces with a great mural (7) or how about using a decorative frame to hang up a quote or drawing (8). See our post here on turning an IKEA BILLY Door into a framed chalkboard quote stand.

Serving: Other creative chalkboard paint ideas include decorating mugs (9) and serving trays (10) to label what’s what and who’s who. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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