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Headboard Design Ideas: From Monograms to Fireplace Mantels

Headboard Design Ideas

Modern Ideas: Modern headboard designs will be straight angular shapes – squares and rectangles – like the headboard in picture (1). Having lights fitted to the headboard (2) is great for reading at night and creating a romantic setting (How to Create a Romantic Bedroom: Pictures, Designs and Decor Ideas).

Vintage Style: For a more vintage and traditional style headboard look for French styled ones. These will be rounded, decorative headboards as seen in pictures (3) & (4).

Decorative Headboard Design Ideas: For a personalized touch why not have a monogrammed headboard (5). This can be done through sewing the initials into an upholstered/fabric headboard, or painted onto a wooden one. Another decorative idea is to match the headboard design/pattern with other pieces in the bedroom (6) – like the curtains, wallpaper, or pillow cases.

Rustic and Shabby Chic Ideas: Doors (7) or a fireplace mantel/frame (8) can be used to create a wonderful framed shabby chic styled headboard.

Simple and Creative DIY Ideas: Want any headboard you can think of? How about painting a headboard onto the wall (9) – and using large decorative pillows as padding. Hanging up a curtain arrangement behind the bed is another way to create a homemade headboard (10). And then there is creating a unique headboard using wallpaper and a border (11). Draping fabric over any existing headboard can restyle it instantly (12)

Storage: Putting up a book shelf behind the bed is a great alternative to having bedside tables (13)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13

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