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Creative Bedroom Ideas: From Reading Nooks to Hanging Chairs

Creative Bedroom Ideas

Decor Ideas: Some creative and unique bedroom decor ideas, as seen in the pictures above, include: hanging up a photo arrangement (1), wall cubes are great for framing decorative items (2), and a floor mirror is great for getting ready with and makes the bedroom look larger (3).

Storage: A trunk at the end of the bed can double as a bench and as storage for throw pillows (4). How about hanging up your jewelry in a frame (5) – not only will it help keep it organized but adds to the decor of the room.

Furniture Pieces: Some unique bedroom furniture pieces include a romantic canopy bed (6) and a hanging chair (7). Creating your own headboard means you’ll have a one of kind piece. One idea is to hang up wallpaper and create a frame around it – as seen in picture (8).

Secluded Spaces: How awesome would it be to have a reading nook in the bedroom (9)? This can either be custom built by the window – or a comfy chair/beanbag/daybed by the window surrounded by books and bookshelves is another way to go about it.

If space is limited in the house, then a home office can easily be fitted into the bedroom. Have a look at our post here for ideas and designs: Bedroom Office Ideas, Tips, and Designs.

Lighting Up The Room: In our post Relaxing Bedroom Lighting Ideas we covered a whole bunch of awesome lighting ideas like: creating a fiber optic constellation ceiling, using mood lights to completely change the color of the room, and using LED string lights wrapped in drapes or wrapped around tree branches.

For more romantic ideas have a look here: How to Create a Romantic Bedroom: Pictures, Designs and Decor Ideas

Colors: If you want to make a statement with your bedroom then go for a set color scheme. Here are some of the color combinations we have covered so far:

Or how about designing the room with a specific style in mind:

Wall Ideas: When it comes to the walls the go-to choice is to paint them a solid color. Let’s look at more creative bedroom ideas – do you know how easy it is to create a textured wall with paint? You can create a linen effect or marble texture with simple household tools. Our post here covers a lot of the different texture ideas: Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects. Then there is always wallpaper, but how about wallpapering the ceiling! Check out our post here for tips and design ideas: Wallpaper Ideas for the Bedroom1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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