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Style Guide: Blue Home Office Ideas and Designs

Style Guide: Blue Home Office Ideas and Designs

The pictures in the mood board above will give you an idea of the different looks and styles that can be achieved with a blue home office. I have also written out a quick list of design ideas and styling tips that will help you transform your workspace.

  • The shade of blue you choose to decorate your space has a big impact on the feel and style of your home office. The pictures in the mood board have been arranged from light to dark. If you want a bright, spacious feeling home office – then the lighter shades of blue are the way to go. If you want a more secluded and cozy vibe – then go with a dark navy blue home office.
  • Break up solid blue walls with a different colored curtain, like a white one
  • Or hang up a corkboard to pin things to just like in the home office in picture (5)
  • ­Instead of a corkboard, why not create an entire mood board wall
  • Why not create a gallery wall, like the blue office in picture (6). Surround yourself with inspirational pieces.

Blue home office ideas and decor tips

  • The simple route: The easiest way to style your home office blue, is to create a neutral base. For example use a neutral color such as a white (or light grey, cream, black) paint for the walls. Then you can decorate the space with pops of blue, which will really stand out. See how the blue desk in the blue and white home office in picture (1) stands out.
  • The desk is one way of decorating a neutral colored room blue. How about a blue office chair, or simple blue home office decor pieces like a lamp, trashcan, or other furniture pieces
  • Why not give your cabinet doors a blue make over (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover)

Here are some more home office mood board posts to get ideas from:

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March 24, 2016 in Color Palettes, Home Office
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