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Work in Style: Grey Home Office Ideas

Work in Style: Grey Home Office Ideas

When it comes to grey home offices, you can either 1) paint all of the walls grey, or 2) paint all of the walls white. In this post I go over how to design your space using those two options, and go over specific decor, furniture, and other grey home office ideas.

The Overall Look of the Home Office

Painting all of the walls grey is one way to go. You just need to ask yourself, what shade of grey do you want to use? Dark grey walls will make the home office feel luxurious and secluded. While a light grey home office will feel spacious, large, and open.

Option 2 is to paint all of the walls white. From here you have a blank canvas of a space to decorate with grey pieces. I go over a list of ideas on how to add grey accent pieces to a home office below.

You can always add in another color into the color scheme. You just want to make sure that all the pieces in the room align with the color scheme. Stick with 1-2 other colors. Any more than that, and you take away from the overall grey color scheme. Some good color combinations include:

  • Grey and green
  • Light or dark grey with light yellow
  • Grey and light blue
  • Grey and gold

Grey home office decor ideas

Ways of Adding Grey

Here are some ways to add grey into a home office design:f

  • Use a grey desk
  • Or a grey office chair
  • A grey lamp, or lampshade
  • Grey curtains
  • Repaint any cabinet or closet doors you have in the home office grey (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors A Makeover – Ideas and Design Tips)
  • Spray paint a corkboard bulletin board grey
  • Use a grey area rug
  • Hang up a large painting or photo in a grey frame
  • Add plants to your home office in grey planters

Grey home office workspaces

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April 9, 2016 in Color Palettes, Home Office
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