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A Bright Safe Space: Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas

A Bright Safe Space: Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas

A modern home is a well lit home. This includes the outdoor space. You’ll want to make sure all of the exterior areas are well lit: from the front door and driveway, to the garden and around any steps. The modern outdoor lighting ideas in this post will help you light up the outside of your home with style

What Kind of Lighting Fixtures?

The first thing to decide with outdoor lighting is whether you’ll want to go with solar powered or wired lights. Solar powered lights are cheaper, and are easier and faster to install. Wired lights are more expensive and do require you to possibly dig up your garden to lay down the wiring, but they add more value to your house than the solar lights.

Modern outdoor lighting fixtures and ideas

Uplights: These are lights that point upwards, usually onto a wall or can be placed around trees. They add decorative ambient lighting, and help highlight different features in an outdoor space.

Motion Sensor Lights: These are usually used for security floodlights, hanging above the garage door. But you can also put them around the garden or by the front door.


Outdoor Wall Lighting: Look for ones that have a clean and sleek design, just like the light fixtures in the Amazon window above. And make sure you have enough wall lights to light up the whole space – just like in picture (5).

Path Lighting: These lights will be low down to the ground, and are especially needed around staircases and steps for safety. Picture (5) shows some lights lighting up some steps. And for a cleaner and more modern look, see if you can have these lights built into the wall so that it hides the light fixture.

The Beauty of the Flame

These days you can find good looking and modern tiki torches. They will usually come in a sleek metal casing (get yours in the Amazon window above).

Or how about a modern outdoor fireplace? Create a straight edge fire place to house a gas or ethanol burning pit – just like the ones in pictures (6) and (7)

And for the tables, look to get some modern candle lanterns or stands. Just like the candle stand featured in the Amazon window above.

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