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Bathroom Shower Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Shower Lighting Ideas

Is there any real need to have lighting just for the showering area? Or will the normal ceiling light in the bathroom do? Well, it depends on how much comfort, relaxation, and convenience you want in the shower.

One light fitted in the middle of the bathroom isn’t good enough. I believe yes, you need shower lighting. So take a look at these bathroom shower lighting ideas for different ways of adding some light.

All Hidden Away

The go to choice would be to install recessed lights above the shower as seen in picture (2). The good thing about recessed shower lighting is that everything is hidden away in the ceiling, creating a sleek and modern look.

Another option for adding lighting in the shower is to have a recessed shelf built into the wall. This way you’ll have a place to keep all of your shampoos and soaps, but at the same time the shelf can have a recessed light fitted into the top of the cutaway – adding light to the shower area (3).

Going Fancy

For something a little more dynamic, have a look at shower heads that have LED lights in them. You can get pretty basic ones, or there are more luxurious ones that shine light around the shower – just like in picture (4).

Bringing In Daylight 

A great way to add in shower lighting, at least in the day time, is to use natural lighting. Windows work great. If you plan on fitting some in, avoid having large ones as you’ll feel as if you are on display. Smaller ones are the way to go, with frosted glass.

Or to bring in even more daylight, take a look at the showers with skylights in pictures (5) and (6). The great thing about skylights is that they bring in a lot of light and keep your privacy at the same time. An alternative would be to fit solar tubes. These are tubes that go from outside of the roof, down into the shower – bringing in daylight just like in picture (7). You can find versions that have a ring light in them so they can also be turned on at night.

Safety and Choice of Light Fixtures

When you are shopping for shower lighting fixtures you want to make sure they are approved for being used in such a damp and wet area. Even if they are being used in the ceiling. All of the mist and condensation works it way up there. So check carefully when buying. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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