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Stress Free: Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

A minimalist design style is a good choice for a bedroom, since the space needs to be relaxing. When it comes to minimalist bedroom design ideas, one design style to get inspiration from would be Scandinavian. They use a lot of whites and greys and decorate the spaces with textures, plants and wooden items. Even if you go with a minimalist bedroom design, you can still style the room how you want – rustic, shabby chic, bohemian, etc. There are just two main things to keep in mind when creating that minimalist bedroom – 1) get rid of clutter 2) color management.

Designing with Color

The bedrooms in the mood board above mostly use neutral tones. Such as grey just like the bedroom in picture (1), tan, or white (2). These would be popular color palettes for a minimalist bedroom. This doesn’t mean you can’t use a color like red or teal to decorate the room. But if you do, you need to focus the color scheme down, and make sure everything in the room sticks to it.

Say you want to go with a purple or grey bedroom color scheme. You’ll need to take out pieces in the bedroom that go against the color scheme. A red pillow is distracting and ruins a purple color scheme. Bold colors that stand out in the room take away from the minimalist and zen feel of the space. You want things to blend in as much as possible, and nothing to dominate.

Visual Clutter

What is visual clutter? Visual clutter are pieces in the room that distract you and take away from the overall design scheme of the room. You want to create a clean design, and have the eye continuously moving around the room.

Avoid using bold patterned items like floral curtains and bedding. When it comes to the curtains you want them to blend in with the room. So look for a color that blends well with the wall color.

This is what makes built in cabinets and closets great. Not only do they make efficient use of the bedroom space, but they will be designed to blend in with the design of the room. Taking up less ‘visual space’.

Since the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom and takes up the most amount of space, it plays an important part in the styling of the room. Here you want to go with a minimalist bed design. A platform bed is the way to go – just like the one in picture (3). Most platform beds don’t take up any extra space other than the mattress that sits on it. They don’t have decorative and curved headboards or footboards – making them ideal for a minimalist bedroom.

Bedding also plays a big role in the styling of the bedroom. Invest in good looking, and well designed bedding. Simple textured fabrics do well in adding style to the room. Check out the beds in pictures (4) and (5). See how the colors blend together, and there is a textured design.

Getting Rid of Physical Clutter

You have to get rid of clutter if you want to create a truly minimalist bedroom. Some people like to take their time, day by day slowly get rid of the mess and items in a cluttered bedroom. Other people like to do it all at once – grabbing large garage bags and chucking everything out and organizing all at once. Another way to go about it is to pick a room, storage closet, or a separate space in the house where you can chuck all the unnecessary items into. This quickly lets you create a clean and clutter free bedroom – and you can deal with sorting out the clutter pieces later.

Figure out where the clutter problem areas are in your bedroom. Then figure out ways to curb the clutter. Bedside tables can be places where a lot of clutter can build up. One easy solution is to get clutter bowls and trays. By simply grouping items into these trays or bowls, you quickly clean up a space.

For a step by step guide, have a look at my post here: Stress Free Living: How To Declutter Your Bedroom

Storage Ideas

Try and store everything away. Books, clothing, dirty laundry – keep it all out of sight. Have storage boxes under the bed, but only if they can’t be seen. Having a hook on the back of the door isn’t such a great idea since it can be seen. But a hook on the inside of the closet door works.

If you have open closets, you might want to find ways of closing these off since they add to the visual clutter of a space. Closet curtains or doors will work.

Lighting Design

Modern homes use recessed ceiling lights because they are hidden away in the ceiling – seen in the bedroom in picture (6). This creates a clean and elegant look. Ideal if you want to create a minimalist bedroom style.

Another lighting tip is to hang your bedside lamp on the wall, and have the light switch integrated into the wall. What this does is leave more bedside table space and gets rid of the wires.

Decor Pieces

When it comes to decor pieces in a minimalist styled bedroom, you want to go with as few as possible. 2-3 meaningful and well thought out pieces will do the trick. In many cases, a lot of the items you have around the bedroom, from the bed and bedding to storage pieces, will act as decor pieces if you invest in good design.

Look for textured items. I talked about textured bedding above. Other textured items include wicker storage baskets, plants (7), a wooden stool. Go with abstract art pieces that are either monochrome  or black and white (8). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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