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Bedroom Window Treatments and Curtain Ideas

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

It is a bit surprising how much windows play a role in the overall design and feeling of a room. The range of bedroom window treatments and curtain ideas below will have an effect on the styling of the space, how spacious the room feels, and how much privacy you have.

Hanging The Curtains

How you hang your curtains has a big impact on how the bedroom will feel. If you hang the curtains up high, and have curtains that reach down to the floor, you will create a tall feeling room – just like in picture (1). If you hang them across a wide area, you will create a wide and more spacious feeling room. Another benefit of hanging them wide is that you can open them up completely, allowing as much day light in as possible without blocking the sides of the windows.

Different Styles

If you want to create a modern look then go with hookless bedroom curtains as they create a more minimalist look and won’t need tiebacks – seen in picture (2). Black out curtains, which completely block out light from the outside, are popular in high end hotels and a lot of people like using them in their homes. For me I like waking up to a bit of sunshine in the bedroom.

For a more traditional and decorative look, use cast iron curtain rods, valances (3), cafe curtains, and ruffled or patterned curtains. Have a look at my mood board here for other ideas: Window Treatment Style: Shabby Chic Curtains, Rods, and Tie Backs.

Since curtains take up a large amount of visual space in the bedroom, the style and color of the fabric you use will play a big role in the color design scheme of the bedroom. If you use blue curtains for example, you are adding blue as a main color to your room’s color palette. Or if you use cowboy window curtains in your kids room, you are creating a cowboy theme in the space. When you are looking at bedroom curtain ideas and design styles, you will want to choose curtains based on the overall style you want to create in the bedroom. Have a look at my mood board here for different bedroom color schemes: Bedroom Color Ideas: Paint Schemes and Palette Mood Board.

If you have a small bedroom and want to make the space feel large and spacious, you are going to want to hang the curtains high above the window and wide as talked about above. Also, look for a fabric color that blends well with the wall color. Say you have white walls. Then go with white or off white curtains. Blending the color of the curtains with the walls creates a more uniform look in the bedroom – making it feel larger. Avoid using patterns on your bedroom curtains, solid colors work best for smaller spaces (Design Tips: Small Bedroom Ideas).

A Relaxing Space

A window seat makes for a relaxing space in the bedroom, just like the one in picture (4). This can be a great place to relax during the day, for reading and looking out of the window.

Privacy Options

If your house is built close to another one, or your bedroom is on the ground floor, then here some bedroom window ideas for adding privacy.

One simple idea is to hang a curtain rod half way down the window, or where your head height is (5). This lets you close off the window, but still keep natural light coming in from the top during the day. Short cafe window curtains are great for doing this.

If you get a double curtain rod, you can hang up sheers to use in the daytime. And on the second curtain rod a thicker curtain can be used at night.

In my bathroom window treatment ideas post (Light and Privacy: Ideas for Bathroom Window Treatments), I showed some examples of frosted windows. You can get decorative window panes, even stained glass, or you can simply buy frosted film that can stick over your existing windows (6).

Another way of closing off your windows, while still letting natural light in, is to use shutters. You can get ones that have slats that can be adjusted. Or there are more decorative shutters, seen in picture (7). Bamboo blinds also look great, and let slivers of light through. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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