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Garage Storage Ideas: Use Your Walls and the Ceiling

Garage Storage Ideas

When it comes to garage storage ideas, the main goal should be to try and keep the floor free of items. This means trying to hang as much up as possible up. By using the walls and even the ceiling, you can create a lot of valuable storage space.

Finding the Best Ideas for Your Garage

  • Plastic tubs with lids are an important storage item in the garage. They help keep items dry, and dirt free. They can be used to store old clothes, winter clothes, extra linens, and old paper work. If you use a number of these plastic containers, see if you can buy matching ones to create a more uniform look in the garage. These are usually stackable, or you can put them on shelves to make them easier to access.
  • Pegboards can be used to create custom storage solution designs. They can be used to hang up small hand tools and cords. Shelves can be made by putting a plank of wood over two pegs. You could create an entire pegboard wall, and paint over different section to help you stay organized (1).
  • Wall hooks, brackets, and railings can be used to hang up garden tools like rakes, hoses, shovels, a ladder, or a bike

Garage Storage Racks

Monkey bars, racks, hooks, and brackets make for simple DIY garage storage

  • If you do work on a car, or any shop work – then a rolling tool draw unit would be handy
  • There are also free standing garage lockers and storage cabinets
  • You can get garage storage systems. These are usually metal brackets that attach to the wall. All the shelves and parts can be moved around to suit your storage need. I like the wall draws with removable containers seen in the storage system in picture (2). These storage systems can be bought at The Container Store here – along with simple free standing storage shelves
  • Check out the simple and cheap DIY storage design in picture (3).  Shallow wall storage has been created between the stud work – and there is also the unique way of storing sports balls just like they do in shops.

Looking Up – Overhead Storage Ideas

Making use of your garage ceiling can add a lot of storage space. Here are some overhead garage storage ideas:

You can add beams to your ceiling to create rafters that can be used to slide light weight storage tubs into. For an example, check out picture 6 on my mood board here: Budget Friendly, Clever and Creative Storage Ideas: From Lazy Susan Towers to Room Dividers.

Hanging ceiling shelves can be fitted to the ceiling, just like the one in picture (4).

To store bicycle up high, you can hoist it up with a simple pulley storage system.

If your garage has its own attic space above it in the roof, this can be turned into a storage space. You can even get a mini garage storage lift that carries items up into the space. Have a look at my mood board post here to see an example: Finished and Unfinished Attic Storage Ideas.

The Two Shelving Options

When it comes to shelving in the garage there are two options. You can go the built in route (build your own DIY storage shelves or use a shelving system) or there are free standing units that you can buy and put together.

The benefit of built it shelving is that they make the best use of your space. They will be built according to the layout of your garage, so they don’t waste any space. You can build all the way up to the ceiling, and make the most of the height of your garage. You can also build over any door ways.

Free standing storage units are easy and fast to set up in a garage, and are inexpensive as seen with the IKEA shelves in picture (5). Get some good looking containers like the wicker baskets and galvanised buckets in picture (6) to create a more stylized, less cluttered look.

Garage Organization Tips – From Safety to A Good Looking Space

Around the Garage: When storing items around the garage, ask yourself “where would be the most convenient place to store them?”. If you have a door going into your house from your garage, the this would be the best place to store common household items like dog food, and trash bags. Whereas your garden tools can be stored near the front of the garage.

High Up for Safety: Place hazardous materials and tools up high so that little ones can’t get to them.

Water: If there is any chance of water flooding into the garage, then go with floating storage units that are built onto the walls and are a few inches off of the ground.

Garage Tubs

A Good Looking Garage: If you are using a lot of storage containers, like plastic tubs or bins, try and buy matching ones (7). This helps create a less cluttered looking garage.

image credits: 1/2/3/4/6/7

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