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Home Garage Lighting Ideas: From Fixtures to Space Design

Home Garage Lighting Ideas: From Fixtures to Space Design

Lighting up The Garage

The number one tip when it comes to lighting up your garage is to not just use one ceiling light. A garage is a large space, and will feel dark and dull if it is under lit. Aim to light up the whole space, even if you don’t use it that much. A well-lit garage will add value to your home, add to the safety of the space, and with proper lighting you can create a multifunctional room. Look to create a lighting layout that spreads and lights up the whole space – I’ll show you how with the garage lighting ideas below.

Types of Lights

The go to choice when it comes to garage lighting are florescent lights just like in picture (1). Here’s why:

  • They easily light up large spaces
  • They are energy efficient
  • With the right ballast they will work in cold climates
  • Florescent lights show the true colors of things (paints, wood stains, etc.) which is ideal if you use your garage as a workspace

When it comes to florescent light strips you’ll have the choice of the T4, T5, T8, and T12 fixtures. The numbers represent the diameter and amount of light the strips produce. The one to go for will depend on the size of your garage and the type of ballast/socket you have. If you live in cold climates you will want to go with the T8s using an electronic ballast, not an electromagnetic one.

If you want an easy to customize garage lighting design system, then check out LumaLinks. You can easily expand your lighting layout by linking up additional lights, without the need of extra wiring.

Or check out Lithonia Lighting’s fixtures below, available on Amazon here:

Garage Light Fixtures

White florescent lights can make the space feel a bit sterile, but there are a few ways to solve this which I’ll go over below.

Natural Home Garage Lighting

A garage is usually closed off. This means in the daytime, the space can be a dark place. Your options are to turn on the lights, open the garage door, or the best way to light the garage during the day is to have windows fitted to let in natural lighting. Some ideas of using windows include fitting them into the walls (5), using a garage door that has windows fitted along the top (for privacy), or have a skylight installed.

Why Not To Use Windows:

If you live somewhere that gets really cold or really hot, take note that windows have poor insulation. Also, you have to be careful of direct sunlight if you store any special paint, chemicals or cleaners in your garage.

A Workspace Garage

If you plan on using your garage as a workspace or workshop, you’ll want to add in some task lighting. Ceiling lights do well filling up the garage with ambient light, but they usually wont reach work counters/desks, or there will be shadows in the way.

Have some lights that are focused onto counters, tables, and tooling areas. One way of doing this is to have florescent ceiling lights that hang down like these (available here):

Hanging Garage Lights

Pendant and down lights will also work just like in pictures (2) and (3). Another idea is to fit under cabinet lighting that shines down onto work counters (4). Adjustable wall lights and magnifying lamps are another way to go (like the one below – available here).

Workspace Garage

An Inviting Garage

If you want to create a more relaxing, leisurely garage then you’ll want to soften the decor. Florescent lights and bare walls will make the space feel dull and sterile. Some ideas and solutions on how to combat this include:

Paint: White walls will make the space feel brighter and more spacious. While a warm color like cream or off white will create a more inviting space.

Decorative Lighting:  Avoid just using the ceiling lights. Instead layer the lighting by using a mix of different lights: like ceiling lights along with floor and table lamps. Or hang up some string lights if you want to create a more whimsical feel.

Fabric: Adding some fabric into the decor of the garage will also soften up the space. Drapes can be used as dividers, to break up the garage into different sections. Fabric can be used to close off shelves or how about adding an area rug? 1/2/3/4/5/6

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