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Curb Appeal: Design Tips For Modern Garage Doors

Curb Appeal: Design Tips For Modern Garage Doors

In the pictures in the mood board above, you can see a lot of similar design traits when it comes to modern garage doors.

Straight Edges and Lines

The design of modern garages are very straight. They are very boxy. You just see rectangles and straight edges from the panels for the doors, to the framing of the garage door and the windows.

Modern garage door ideas


Neutral Colors

For a luxurious and modern look, go for a dark neutral color for your garage doors. Such as back or a dark wood.

Bring in Some Natural Light

The garages in pictures 1 – 5 all have window panels embedded in the doors. This brings in some natural light into the garage space. And being frosted, they provide privacy too.

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April 19, 2016 in Modern, Outdoors
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