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Style Guide: Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Style Guide: Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

How much blue do you want? That is the question you need to ask if you want to create a blue kitchen design. The options range from an all blue kitchen, to a white kitchen that is lightly decorated with blue kitchen decor pieces.

Painting the Walls Blue

This is for a people who want a bold look in their kitchen. There is also the option of tiling the walls blue, instead of using paint, just like the kitchen in picture (1). The tiles can be made up of different shades of blue to create a more interesting look.

You can break up all of this blue by having white cabinets, white curtains or wooden blinds, or use a white kitchen tablecloth.

Blue kitchen ideas

Paint the Walls a Neutral Color

If you want a more toned down blue kitchen, then paint the walls a neutral color (white, cream, grey). This lets you style the space in blue, without overdoing it.

See if you can keep the blue color theme going throughout the kitchen:

  • Blue cabinets with white walls is a great look, just like the kitchen in picture (2)
  • Blue glass bottles can be used as elegant storage (3)
  • You can get tiffany blue kitchen appliances. You can get the baby blue mixer stand seen in picture (4) here.
  • Blue curtains will help break up a plain white wall.

Or how about just covering your kitchen table with a decorative blue table cloth

Both – Blue Walls and Blue Decor

To make the kitchen look a little more interesting, why not pick different shades of blue. Use a light blue for the walls and a darker blue for the cabinets just like the kitchen in picture (5).

Different Shades of Blue

Using a light blue palette will make the kitchen feel bright and spacious (6). While a dark blue, navy blue, will create a more luxury feeling space. Check out the dark blue kitchen in picture (7) with the marble backsplash and countertop.

Here are some more kitchen posts to get ideas from:

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