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Style Guide: Modern Garden Design Ideas

Style Guide: Modern Garden Design Ideas

There are a few design techniques to keep in mind when creating your own modern garden design. You can see some of the similarities in the gardens in the pictures above.


You’ll notice that modern gardens are very boxy in their design. There are no round corners. Everything from the grass areas, to the borders, and seating are very rectangular – creating a minimalist look and feel in the garden space.

Modern garden landscaping design

Isolated Greenery

All of the grass areas in modern garden designs are very isolated, meaning they are bordered off. You can see from the photos that each garden has a very specific area just for greenery – bordered off from other areas in the garden. While other areas are specifically built for other activities – patio, deck, etc. This helps create a clean, crisp look in the garden.

Color Scheme

And like most modern spaces in a home, a modern garden will make use of natural and neutral tones. You can see a combination of greys, black and white being used for the flooring, the garden walls, and the furniture. To add some warmth to the space, try and infuse wooden pieces.

Modern garden design ideas

Modern Lighting

A modern space is a well lit one. In the garden you have specific task lighting – these will be for pathways, steps, dining areas, and on the side of the house. While other lights are more for ambiance: uplights by trees and bushes, or light fixtures used to highlight any water features in the garden.

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Ideas on how to create a modern garden design
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April 16, 2016 in Modern, Outdoors
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