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Sewing Room Organization Ideas: From Storage to Display Tips

Sewing Room Organization Ideas

How you organize your sewing room will depend on the size of it. If you have a small space to work in, you’ll want to make use of sewing room organization ideas that use the walls as much as possible. Like the peg board in picture (7) and the rails and magnetic strips in picture (8). For other ideas on how to create a sewing room in a small space (creating a closet sewing room, or using a suitcase), have a look at our sewing room designs post.

One thing to keep in mind when you are creating storage space and organizing a sewing room is that your materials and supplies can be used as decor pieces. By having your colorful materials and fabrics out in the open you instantly create decorative features – like having your spools of thread hung up on a wall and all color coordinated (even in a frame?). Have a look at our sewing room decor post for more ideas and pictures on how to use your materials and tools as decor pieces.

A mood board is a great thing to have in a sewing room to group together all of your inspirational pictures and have them on display above your work table. Corkboards work fine, but something like this can easily be turned into a decorative piece by having a frame around it.

Having an ironing board in the sewing room is always convenient. This can be left out (not very stylish), put away in a closet, or hung up on a wall. It is nice having it attached to a wall – it makes it easy to just pull down and use. But it’s not really sexy having an ironing board stuck on the wall. Check out Beckie’s tutorial here on how she created a paint shelf that rolls out hiding an ironing board behind it. Another idea would be to hang it up behind a curtain.

Don’t forget the style of your storage pieces will play a big role in how your sewing room will look. The first few pictures above (2-5) use more vintage, old wooden style storage containers, organizers, and cabinets. While other sewing rooms (8-9) use more modern metallic and glass storage containers, railings, etc. – and have all of the colorful fabrics and materials out on display. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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