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Vintage Kitchen Design, Accessories, and Decor Ideas

Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

Design Styles: The pictures above have been group together into the two styles of a vintage kitchen. You have the more colorful ones that use pastel colors and have porcelain enamel fixtures, and weathered painted furniture. Then there are the vintage kitchens that are more rustic in design – using more raw wooden furniture, less colors – more like a French country styled kitchen.

Vintage Storage Ideas

Furniture and Fixtures: For a vintage inspired kitchen, barn style light fixtures work best. You have the shallow bowl/pancake lights that look great, with their porcelain enamel as seen in picture (1). Or there are the gooseneck lights. A chandelier is also another great lighting fixture to have in a vintage kitchen design.

When it comes to the sink, a large rectangle porcelain one with rounded edges is the go to choice. These are usually left fully exposed, but in picture (5) the countertop covers it. Subway style tiles make for a great vintage style backsplash (6).

Decor and Accessories Ideas: Using vintage style containers and having them out on display makes for great decor. Vintage bottles can be used for keeping washing up liquids, while glass jars can be used for storing pasta, snacks, etc. For more vintage storage ideas have a look this post: Vintage Kitchen Storage Ideas: From Milk Baskets to Wicker Baskets. If you have great looking pots and pans these can be left out in the open too, to act as decorative pieces.1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

When creating a vintage kitchen style, some other kitchen design styles to get inspiration from would include:

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