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How To Hide The Ugly Things In Your Home

How To Hide The Ugly Things In Your Home

To create a relaxing and well designed room, there are just some things that shouldn’t be seen. Like a WiFi router, ironing board, or cords and cables. I’ve put together this post that is full of ideas on how to hide the eye sores and ugly things in your home.

Good Looking Storage Options

Sometimes you can’t store things away in a cabinet or in a closet so they are out of sight. Instead you have to store them out in the open. This doesn’t mean you have to make the space ugly. You can simply get matching good looking storage containers that you can use to hide items with. These good looking storage containers will also act as decor pieces for the room. Here are some ideas:

  • Wicker baskets, hampers, trunks
  • Copper or galvanized bucket (can be used as a trashcan, to store magazines, or firewood)
  • Wooden crates or trunks
  • Wire baskets
  • Enamel containers
  • Matching glass jars
  • Leather containers

Secret Rooms

Maybe you have things in a room that are too big to store in baskets or wooden crates. Say you have gym equipment in the living room, a home office in the bedroom, or laundry machines in the bathroom. All of this should be hidden away when not in use, that way you can enjoy the rest of the room and make it a relaxing place.

The easiest way to hide everything is to hang up a curtain. Bookshelves or a folding divider are some other options. For more ideas, and for some pictures, have a look at my post here: Ideas Mood Board: DIY Room Dividers.

Don’t forget, you can always give your closet doors a makeover to help style a room: DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover – Ideas and Design Tips.

Cords and Electronics

One of the most common things that people want to hide in their homes are cables and cords. Some quick ideas include hanging up wall trim that blends in with the walls (just like the hidden TV cords in picture (3)), or use copper pipes. For photos and more ideas have a look at my post here: Creative Ideas: How To Hide Wires and Cords.

Picture (2) shows how Ana hollowed out a book to hide her WiFi router. Other ideas for hiding a router include using decorative boxes, putting it inside of a wicker basket, or building a dedicate wall unit.

For items that you don’t use to regularly, like your printer, these can be hidden away in cabinets and consoles or filing cabinets – just like the printer in picture (4)

Simple DIY Idea

Why not hang up a canvas piece, a framed picture or a mirror. But hang it with hinges so that it can swing open. And behind it you can hide thermostats (7), breaker boxes, or even an ironing board if you have a large enough wall piece.

Ironing Board and Hampers

An ironing board can be a pain to store. You can always hide them in the back of a closet, or hang them up on a wall. More creative ideas include hiding them in a decorative wall unit just like the one in picture (6) that folds out. Or how about saving yourself all of the hassle of unfolding and folding the thing up, and have an ironing board fitted into a draw – just like the one in picture (5).

Clutter Trays

Maybe you have a few items laying about that you can’t really store away. For example TV remotes in the living room, or wallets, keys and glasses on the bedside table. Use clutter trays, nice wooden bowls or trays, to group together these items. This will help create a tidy and clutter free space.

And lastly, get creative with the extra spaces you have in your home. Check out the doghouse that was built under the stairs: Weekend Build: DIY Staircase Dog House.

Here are some other storage posts to get more ideas from:

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