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Kids Bathroom Decor and Design Ideas

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

There are two ways you can go about decorating a kid’s bathroom. One is to make the decor non permanent so that as they grow, the decor style can easily and quickly grow with them. The second options is to go a more permanent route, and then do a big remodel and redecorate later.

Color plays a big role in kids bathroom decor ideas. For a really kids style bathroom, infuse as much color as you can. I’ll go over all the different ways you can add color below. Also look to make the bathroom as kid friendly as possible. I’ll go over solutions for the number of problems kids will have in the bathroom (everything being out of reach).

Non Permanent Design and Decor Ideas

There are a lot of non permanent and simple decor ideas you can do to quickly transform a bathroom into a kids styled one. The bathroom in picture (1) simply uses bright towels to add color and fun to a bathroom. Colorful bathroom mats and rugs are other pieces that add a kid vibes to a bathroom. And If you have a simple hanging mirror, go over it with colorful paint – ask the kids to help out.

Shower curtains take up a large amount of visual space in a bathroom. Hang up a themed, graphic, or colorful shower curtain – these are easily replaceable (Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas: From Space Saving to Decorative Extras).

On the walls, hang up some decor accessories and bathroom wall art just like the bathroom in picture (2). These art pieces can be changed over time to suit the style and taste of your child as they grow.

More Permanent Ideas and Designs

Some other areas where color can be added include: cabinets, the walls, and the floor.

Check out the colored cabinet doors in picture (3). Even though this is for a kids bathroom, it is stylish enough to work in an ordinary one.

There are a few ways to create a kids bathroom style using the walls. I like the simplicity of the stencilled giraffe design in picture (4). This can easily be painted over once the kids have grown up. Wallpaper (themes: fishes, boats, mermaids), a colourful tile mosaic (5), or a tile border (6) are other ways to decorate the walls.

Palette Ideas for Kids Bathroom Colors

If you want to create a specific color scheme for your child, here are some general ideas. Go with light shades – making the bathroom space feel bright and airy. Blue works best for a boys bathroom , just like in the picture below (A), so does green, red, and yellow. For girls, pink is always a favourite (B). Or how about orange, yellow or mint – think pastel shades. And for a unisex bathroom – mint green and yellow are some ideal color ideas.

Boys Bathroom Colors

Girls Bathroom Colors

Have a look at the palette pictures on my post here for more bathroom color ideas.

Kid Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Everything in a bathroom is going to be high up, and out of reach for most kids. The vanity counter will be high up in a bathroom. A simple solution here is to use a kids step stool (8).

Another problem area will be the lighting, as light switches are high up for a child. Solutions include rewiring the light switches so they are on a cord that hangs down from the ceiling, low enough for a child to reach (Bathroom Lighting Ideas: A Well Designed Space). Or for those middle of night bathroom visits, a portable battery lantern can be taken from the bedroom to the bathroom. Have a look at the lantern below – these can double as night lights.

Kids Portable Nightlight

The portable night light in the picture above can be bought here.

Another child friendly bathroom idea is to hang hooks and towel railings low down, so your kids can hang up their towels on their own. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/A/B

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