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Home Decor Ideas: DIY Coasters

DIY Coasters Ideas

It is all in the details when it comes to a well designed home. Even the coasters you use can say a lot about your style and design taste. How about creating your own? All sorts of materials can be used to create great looking DIY coasters.

Organic Materials

One simple coaster idea is to take a log or large branch and slice it up to create wood slices. A coat of oil and you’ve got yourself some rustic looking homemade coasters seen in picture (1). Chopped up pallets (free if you salvage for them) can also be made into wooden coasters (2). For more DIY pallet ideas for around the home, have a look at my mood board post here.

Agate slices =  beautiful. These make great looking coasters. The slices in picture (3) are more rustic in color (browns and greys), but you can get some really colorful ones (blues, reds). The agate coasters in the picture can be bought from Etsy here. If you buy agate slices, glue felt or cork to the underside to protect your furniture.

Hard Materials

Bathroom tiles are perfect for creating homemade coasters (4). They are the right size, come in different shapes, and are water resistant. You’ll want to glue felt to the bottom to protect your furniture. You can also use mod podge to glue the underside of instagram print outs or pieces of fabric to ceramic tiles. Then mod podge the top to seal and protect the print out or fabric – just like the DIY photo coasters in picture (5) by Just a Smidgen.

How about creating your own ceramic tile coasters by using easy to use air dry clay. The clay pieces in picture (6) are designed to be fridge magnets. You can just modify the tutorial, seen here, by making them bigger and gluing felt to the back instead of magnets.

The coasters in picture (7) are made out of natural tumbled marble. They can be bought from Etsy here. A similar look can be created by using (quick dry) concrete – and then stamping them. For other concrete home DIY ideas have a look here: Home Decor Ideas: Using Concrete.

DIY Coaster Ideas Using Softer Materials

I am always fond of using leather in home decor. But it can be hard to find ways of using it without making a space look tacky. Leather coasters look great though. Hank & Hunt have a tutorial on how to create chevron patterned DIY drink coasters (8). They use an embossing plate, but simple embossing hand tools (with different designs, numbers or, even letters) can be used too.

Wool felt and thread were used to create the geometric coaster designs in picture (9) – by Mackenzie.

Cork coasters can be used to make all sorts of DIY coaster designs. Painting over them or stamping them is one way to go (10). Or there is this DIY project by Design Love Fest that mod podged printouts onto cork pieces (11).

The linen coasters in picture (12) are available from Anthropologie. But similar ones can be handmade by hemming fabric and printing, stamping, or even using a Sharpie to create your own homemade designs (Home Decor Ideas: The Sharpie Touch).

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February 15, 2014 in Decor, DIY

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