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The 3 Steps to Creating a Black and White Home Office Design

The 3 Steps to Creating a Black and White Home Office Design

When designing a black and white home office, there are 3 steps you need to go through. 1) eliminate color, 2) balancing the black and white, and 3) adding warmth. In this post I go over all the ideas you’ll need to create a well designed home office space.

Step 1: Eliminate Color

You can always have pops of color around your black and white home office, but these colorful pieces need to be hand selected and limited. If you have a too many colorful pieces, you start taking away from the overall black and white color scheme.

So you’ll want to take out all of the colorful pieces in the home office. Or store them away in black and white storage containers. Check out the storage boxes and files in picture (4).

Later in the post, I’ll show you how to add some warmth to your home office. Otherwise it could feel a little bit sterile.

Black and white home office decor ideas

Step 2: Balancing the Black and White

In the pictures in the mood board above, you can see that all of the home offices have a white base, and are decorated with black and white pieces. If you are looking to create a home office with more black in it, then check out my post for more specific ideas here: Color Style Guide: Black Home Office Ideas.

So here are some ideas on how to add patches of black to your home office:

  • Use a black area rug, or window curtains
  • Have a look at how the black cushion in picture (3) adds a lot of black into the space. So does the black lamp on the desk.
  • Use black and white storage containers (4)
  • Paint the inside of your shelves black, just like the home office in picture (5)
  • When it comes to office decor, go with black and white design pieces framed in a black frame (2). Or if you have any books with black and white covers, then display these out in the open.

Step 3: Adding Warmth

Here are some ways you can add some warmth and color to a black and white room. This will help make the space feel less sterile.

  • Try and infuse some natural materials into your black and white home office. You could use a white office chair that has wooden legs, a wooden desk top, or how about using a wooden planter.
  • Add some plants into your home office space, as these will bring in shades of green.
  • You can try and soften the home office a bit by adding in more fabric. Either by using area rugs, layering up the curtains, or by hanging a tapestry on the wall.

At the beginning of this post, I talked about how you would need to take out any colored pieces, to create a strong black and white design. Having 1 or 2 colored pieces, say a red lamp, is a great way to add a pop of color to the room. And since the whole room is black and white, this one colored piece will really stand out and make a statement.

Gold or silver decor pieces make a good color combination in a black and white home office design. Hang up a gold frame with a black and white design piece in it. Or have a brass desk lamp.

Here are some other home office posts for more ideas:

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April 15, 2016 in Color Palettes, Home Office
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