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Low Effort Decor: Easy to Do Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio Lighting Ideas

Relaxing comfort, a view from indoors, and added security. This is what you get when you add lighting to your garden or patio. Here are outdoor patio lighting ideas that don’t require much effort to set up. At the end of the post I go over the key to creating a relaxing and beautiful patio setting using lights.

The Beauty of String Lights

String lights are inexpensive light fixtures and they can be used all around the patio. If you buy solar powered ones, this will make it even easier to light up the patio. They can be wrapped around nearby trees, railings, or the pole of a patio umbrella as seen in pictures (1) and (2). You can hang them overhead to create a starry night effect. For more ideas and photos on string lighting check out my post here: Home Decor Ideas: Creative Ways of Using String Lights Outdoors.

Tabletop Lighting

The easiest way of adding lighting to your patio is to use tabletop lighting, using wireless battery powered, or solar lights. Some ideas include:

  • A SolarJar
  • Battery lanterns
  • Battery or solar powered LED umbrella lighting (3)

Or how about going the fire route:

  • With a table top tiki torch
  • A mini oil lantern
  • Or candles housed in a lantern to protect them from the wind (4)

More Fire

Tiki torches are great to have around the garden (5), not only because of the graceful flames but if you use citronella oil it will act as an organic insect repellent. One way of adding tiki torches to your patio is to plant them in the garden outlining the patio. If that is not possible, fill up buckets with sand and plant the torches in them. Now you have your own portable tiki torches that you can put anywhere on your patio.

Other Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Modern solar stake lights can also be planted around the edge of your patio. But if you’d like to take on wiring lights for your patio, a good choice would be wall lights attached to the house.

To create a really relaxing patio you’ll want to mix up the kind of lighting you use (just like in picture (6)). For example: use a wall light along with a table light, and then maybe some decorative lighting like string lights wrapped around a nearby tree.  1/2/4/5/6

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December 25, 2013 in Lighting, Outdoors

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