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Black And White Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Mixing black and white kitchen ideas is a great design style because of the contrast and the sleek look. There are kitchens that keep to just the two colors, but as seen in the photos above some have mixed in some grey (another non color) and kept that clean design style.

Here are some design elements to keep in mind when designing a black and white styled kitchen.

The Countertops  (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

The most popular way of going about countertops is to use a black one (granite) with white cabinets and base. Vice versa, a white countertop with a black base also looks great but is less popular as it can make the space feel a bit darker and smaller.

Black and White Cabinets

Whether you use black or white cabinets, brushed steel knobs and handles are the way to go.

The Right Style: Modern Kitchen Design and Ideas

Wall Decor

White walls are the go to choice. If you plan on hanging up any decor pieces (Beautiful Wall Decor Ideas for a Kitchen) like a mirror, photo, or quote – having them framed in a black frame will keep the black and white style going.

Wall Design

White and black wall tiles as seen in pictures (6) (7) add a textured look to a wall. Another idea is to have a wall covered in chalkboard paint like in picture (8). Use this as a command center to write shopping lists, to-dos, display a calendar, hang up a bulletin board, etc.


Some ideas here include black and white tiles, cream marble, or light grey tiles or polished concrete. An alternative, one that takes away from the clean black and white look, is wooden flooring.

A Focal Piece

If you were to place one colored piece in the kitchen, like the wooden kitchen island countertop in picture (9) or the red lamp shade in picture (10), this will become an elegant focal point as it stands out. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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