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Pallets projects are popular because they are budget friendly. In my mood board post Home Decor Ideas: Using Pallets you can see all sorts of home projects that use pallets: from small projects such as decor pieces to large projects such as building a couch or a bed. You can even create a wall out of pallets. Here are some pallet wall design ideas to get you inspired.

For Storage

Pallet walls are usually built to create charm and a rustic feel in a room. But a pallet wall can also be created to add custom storage. Check out the storage wall in picture (1). This can be done in a home office, by the front door to hang up coats, in the kitchen to hang pots and pans, or in the bedroom as a make shift closet.

Pallet Wall Storage

Tiana Meggiolaro and Bia Mayrinck

Add Color

A darker pallet wall looks more luxurious. So why not go ahead and stain the wood before putting it up. Staining creates a uniform, distressed and weathered look – just like in pictures (2) and (3).

Nursery Pallet Wall

Bower Power

Living Room Pallet

Cape 27

Or how about mixing pallet wood with other reclaimed wood – just like in picture (4). A few of the planks have been painted to add a pop of color.

Color Pallet Wall

Pretty Handy Girl

Backsplash and Angled Pallets

Pallets can be used to create a backsplash in the kitchen or the bathroom. You can see how Circa Dee created their kitchen backsplash seen in picture (5) here.

Pallet Backsplash

Circa Dee

For a more interesting wall design, how about creating an angled pallet wall design (6). It is a little bit harder, because you’ll have to cut the pieces to angles instead of simple strait cuts. But it adds another level to the design.

Backsplash Pallet

Pallet Backsplash

Garden Wall

Pallets can be used to create a simple garden wall, which you can hang planters from. Picture (7) shows an indoor vertical planter that has been made out of a pallet.

Pallet Garden

The Brew

The Overall Style of a Room

Creating a pallet wall will dictate the style of your room. Because of the rustic nature of the wood, you’ll want to think about adding rustic pieces in the room to create a uniformed look. Like using a rustic or wooden table, and vintage lighting/antique.

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Corner Shelving Ideas: Creative Ways of Adding Corner Shelves

Corner Shelving Ideas

If you are need of more storage space, then look to the corners of your room to see if there is potential there. Here are some ways to add some corner shelves.

Floating Shelves

The great thing about floating wall shelves is that they don’t need brackets under them to hold them up. Having brackets creates a cluttered look, especially when you want to have layers and layers of shelving on the wall. With floating corner shelves you get a a modern and sleek design – just like in picture (1).

Shadow boxes also don’t use brackets, and can be tailored to a corner (2).

The industrial look is quite popular right now. People are using industrial pipes to create legs for tables and chairs. They are also being attached to the walls to create shelves. The shelves in picture (3) are a modern and minimalist way of adding piping shelving to a corner.

Corner Shelves

Using shelves with brackets can work for your corners. You just don’t want to have too many above each other as it will look chaotic. The corner shelf in picture (4) is being used more as a display shelf than for storage.

Made for the Corner

A simple way of adding storage space to your corners is to use a free standing corner storage cabinet (5).

Built In Units

If you want to make the most use of your space, then built in units are the way to go. They will be custom made to your room’s layout, and you can build all the way up to the ceiling to get the most storage space possible. The built in units will also be designed to blend in with the rest of the room (6), this is great for creating a uniform look and making the space feel larger.

Lazy Susan Hack

A great addition to a built in corner storage unit, or any corner storage unit, is a lazy Susan. You’ll have easy access to things you store in the back, simply by spinning the lazy Susan (7).


A whimsical and crafty way of adding storage space to a corner is to modify an old door. Craftaholics Anonymous has taken an old door, and fitted shelves to it so it can be used for corner shelving – as seen in picture (8)

Another DIY way to build corner shelves is by using brackets, railings, and planks of wood. Follow along with the instructions over at A Beautiful Mess to create your own custom adjustable shelves seen below. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

DIY Corner Shelves

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Space Saving and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

Space Saving and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

The bedroom is one place in the home where you really want to have everything stored away and organized. You want your bedroom to be a relaxing space, and if everything is all over the place this won’t be the case. It is also a good idea to try and use bedroom storage ideas that keep everything out of sight, as this will reduce visual clutter making the space feel relaxing.

Space Saving Storage Ideas and Tips

Here are some ways to save space while storing and organizing in the bedroom. These solutions are ideal if you are looking for storage ideas for a small bedroom (Design Tips: Small Bedroom Ideas):

  • The back of the bedroom door can be used for storage. You can simply attach hooks to hang up clothes, keys, belts – as seen in picture (1). Or you can buy a ‘over the door organiser’.
  • The inside of closet doors can also be modified to store items. Hooks or an over the door organizers can work here too. Hanging up a peg board is another idea.
  • Having mirrors on your closet doors, just like in picture (2), adds depth to the room and reflects light around – making the bedroom feel larger.
  • The space under the bed is always a good place to hideaway and store items. You’ll need a bed that has some floor room. If you are able to see the things stored underneath the bed, you’ll want to get containers that look good – such as wicker baskets (3), or an IKEA under the bed roller container.
  • Another way to store under the bed is to get an ottoman bed. These are beds that are hinged so you can easily lift the mattress up, and have a large space to store items underneath (4). Perfect for a small bedroom.
  • Below the bed is great for storage, but so to is above. Take advantage of the height in the room. Place a shelf above the bed to store books, art pieces, and lamps. A built in cabinet will make the most of the space over the bed, just like in picture (5).
  • Built in closets are definitely the way to go if you are looking to save space. They will be designed to make the most use of the layout in the bedroom. They can be built all the way up to ceiling and you can have corner units built. Not only do they make the best use of the layout in the room, but they will be designed to blend with the space. What this does is make the bedroom look more uniformed, which will give the feeling that the space is larger and more spacious.
  • Really use the walls if you are tight on space. Have levels and levels of shelves. Floating shelves are great because they don’t take up any floor space, and there are no brackets to clutter up the look of the walls.
  • A bunk bed is a great space saving solution. It doesn’t just have to be for a kids bedroom. The top level can be the bed area while the bottom level can be a home office or living space.
  • If you don’t have space for a side table, then have a look at bedside organizers – seen in picture (6).

Bedroom Door Storage

A Wicker Door Storage Amazon  |  B Door Rack Amazon  |  C Door Organzier Amazon

Bedside Storage

D Bedside Caddy Amazon  |  E Bedside Folding Shelf Amazon

More Than 1 Room

If you need to use your bedroom for another purpose, such as a home office, home gym or a craft room, then look to DIY room dividers. I put together a mood board of ideas here: Ideas Mood Board: DIY Room Dividers. For example, if you need to have gym equipment or a home office in the bedroom, you can hang up a curtain so that when the gym or office is not in use you can hide it all away and still keep a relaxing feeling in the bedroom. Another way of adding a home office into the bedroom is to use the closet:

Comfort and Storage

If you’ve got space, put a bedroom storage bench at the foot of your bed (7). It will help when you need to get change, but it can also have a flip top so you can store things away.

Bedroom Storage Ottoman

F Afton Bedroom Storage Ottoman Wayfair  |  E Clair Storage Ottoman Wayfair

To make it easy to find things on your shelves and in your closet, look to have lights fitted just for them. They can be lights fitted to the top of the closet that point inwards. They can be lights that are stuck to the top of shelves that automatically come on when you open the closet door. For more ideas and pictures have a look at my mood board here: Closet Lighting Ideas: From Wireless to Walk In.

Creating Style Through Storage

You can add style to your room through how you store things away. The furniture pieces and storage containers you use can act as decor pieces. Here are some stylish bedroom organization ideas: wicker baskets and trays, wire baskets, enamel containers, vintage bottles (Home Decor Ideas: Using Vintage Glass Bottles), French hat boxes, and antique trunks are some elegant storage solutions. Even decorative picture frames can be used to hang up photos, jewelry or keys in the bedroom (Photo Display: Ideas for Shabby Chic Picture Frames and Stands). For more stylized storage ideas have a look at my mood boards here:

Ladders are also another decorative way of storing things in the bedroom. They can be used to hang up blankets, clothes, shoes or magazines (8) (Ideas for Decorating With Ladders).

If you decide to have a vanity in your bedroom, this can also add to the style of the space. Check out the antique style vanity in picture (9). You can also find more modern streamlined vanities too. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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The Main Design Elements: Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The main pieces in a bedroom, from the bed and bedding to the walls and curtains, can play a big role in how your bedroom is styled and how it feels. These are the areas I’ll be focusing on when it comes to the bedroom decorating ideas below. I’ll be staying away from small decor pieces and accessories, because for me they can easily create a lot of clutter – making the bedroom less relaxing. Here are the main bedroom areas to focus on.

The Focal Point: Around The Bed

The bed is going to be the main focal point in a bedroom. This is because it takes up the most space, and a lot of the bedroom furniture will be arranged around it (side table, lamps). Because this is where the eyes go to first when entering the bedroom, it is an important part in the overall design style and look of the room. There are two main ways you can create a design style here 1) through the bed you use and 2) through the bedding.

The type of bed you use. will help set the design style in the bedroom. You can go with modern looking platform beds, or there are more decorative and traditional style beds such as a sleigh bed seen in picture (1) or canopy beds – ideal for a master bedroom. Have a look at my post here for more ideas and designs: Inspiration Board: Bed Designs, Ideas, and Pictures.

A simple way of styling the bed area is through the bedding you use (2) (3). The colors you use will really set the color scheme for the bedroom. So you want to choose colors that blend well with your overall color palette. If you want to create a traditional style bedroom, go with patterned bedding maybe with a floral design. For a more modern or minimalist look, go with solid colored bedding that has a texture – as the texture adds style to the space but in a subtle way.

Color blocking is also possible with your bedding. You have: the blanket, the pillows, and the headboard. Each section can be a different color, or a different shade of one color. For ideas on headboard designs have a look at my mood board here: Headboard Design Ideas: From Monograms to Fireplace Mantels.

Other decor and design ideas for the bed area include: hanging up drapes or a canopy to create a romantic setting, hanging up string lights for a soft glow, or fitting a chandelier with a ceiling rose over the bed for a formal and shabby chic look.

For Your Feet

A simple way of styling and decorating your bedroom is to use area rugs – just like the bedroom in picture (4). They can add a pop of color to the space, or they can add some style if use one with a pattern or design (chevron, floral). They are also handy when it gets cold as they will keep your feet warm and soften the floor.

The whole floor design can add to the style of your bedroom. Imagine hardwood flooring, or a Herringbone patterned floor. Have a look at my mood board here for flooring ideas and designs: Flooring Ideas for the Bedroom.

Tips for Keeping It Simple

The main pieces and areas in the bedroom, like the bed area talked about above, make a huge difference in the style and how your bedroom feels. Don’t worry about adding in more decorations and stuff. There is already plenty in the bedroom already that can be focused on to decorate the space.

Your Curtains

If you think about it, your curtains play a big role in the design and look of your bedroom. Take a look at how large they are and how much space they take. They might not take up a lot of physical space, but they do take up a lot of visual space – especially when they are closed. What this means, is that the color and design you use will have a big impact of the overall design and style of the bedroom – just take a look at the curtains in pictures (5) and (6). If you use modern purple hookless curtains, you are saying you have a modern style and a purple color scheme in your bedroom. If you go with lace or ruffled curtains with a cast iron curtain rod, you’ll be creating a more traditional and vintage style in your bedroom. For more window treatment ideas and designs have a look at my mood board here: Bedroom Window Treatments and Curtain Ideas.

Quick and Cheap DIY Updates for Your Walls

The frames you use for your mirrors and wall art/pictures can be repainted a new color or replaced to update or change the decor style in the room.

Wall Design

The color of your bedroom walls is another major design element that determines how the space feels. If you go with dark colors, you’ll create a space that feels cozy and intimate. While lighter colors makes a space feel brighter and more spacious. Have a look at my mood board here for a collection of bedroom color schemes: Bedroom Color Ideas: Paint Schemes and Palette Mood Board. Painting your ceiling is another way to decorate the space: Spicing it Up: Bedroom Ceiling Ideas.

You can also get fancy with the look of your bedroom walls by adding some design elements. For example, there are simple wall trim designs, crown molding adds a nice finishing touch, or to break up a solid flat wall there is wainscosting. There is also wallpaper (Wallpaper Ideas for the Bedroom).

Setting The Mood With Lighting

See if you can play around with the lighting in the bedroom to create the mood and style you want. If you want a cozy and romantic space then you will want to avoid using your ceiling lights. Instead use table and floor lamps. Or put your ceiling light on a dimmer switch. If you want to create a large and spacious feeling bedroom then you’ll want to do the opposite. That is, light up the ceiling as much as possible, and all corners of the bedroom.

If you want to create a whimsical vibe in the bedroom, hang up some string lights. Use some LED ones and wrap drapes or light fabric around them to create a soft glow. Another way to add mood lighting in the bedroom is to use a fancy mood lamp, like the one below. These are LED lamps that can be set to a certain color, or fade through different colors. If you have white walls, you can put these mood lamps up against one and completely change the color of your walls. Feeling romantic? Use purple or dark blue. It’s been a gloomy and cloudy day? Bathe your walls in bright yellow or green.

For more bedroom lighting ideas have a look at my mood boards here:

LED Mood Lamp

Philips Living Colors Mood Lamp from Amazon

A Clutter Free Bedroom

To create a well designed bedroom you will want to get rid of all the clutter, or at least hide it away. You don’t really need many bedroom decor pieces/accessories. As seen above, the main bedroom pieces such as the bed, curtains, and walls are the major ways to decorate the space. It is best to only have maybe 2-3 decor accessories and pieces in the bedroom. Keeping it to a low number not only reduces the clutter – but since you only have a few pieces, these few items really stand out. So make them meaningful and well thought out pieces.

One quick and simple way to keep clutter under control is to use clutter bowls or trays. Take a look around your bedroom and see where are your clutter problem areas. Do you have a lot of clutter on your bedside table, or on your dressing table? If so, get a good looking bowl or tray (like a wooden one) and throw all the small pieces into it. By grouping these small loose pieces together you create a cleaner look.

For smart and creative bedroom storage ideas have a look at my post here: Space Saving and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas. 1/2/3/4/5 & 6

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Bedroom Window Treatments and Curtain Ideas

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

It is a bit surprising how much windows play a role in the overall design and feeling of a room. The range of bedroom window treatments and curtain ideas below will have an effect on the styling of the space, how spacious the room feels, and how much privacy you have.

Hanging The Curtains

How you hang your curtains has a big impact on how the bedroom will feel. If you hang the curtains up high, and have curtains that reach down to the floor, you will create a tall feeling room – just like in picture (1). If you hang them across a wide area, you will create a wide and more spacious feeling room. Another benefit of hanging them wide is that you can open them up completely, allowing as much day light in as possible without blocking the sides of the windows.

Different Styles

If you want to create a modern look then go with hookless bedroom curtains as they create a more minimalist look and won’t need tiebacks – seen in picture (2). Black out curtains, which completely block out light from the outside, are popular in high end hotels and a lot of people like using them in their homes. For me I like waking up to a bit of sunshine in the bedroom.

For a more traditional and decorative look, use cast iron curtain rods, valances (3), cafe curtains, and ruffled or patterned curtains. Have a look at my mood board here for other ideas: Window Treatment Style: Shabby Chic Curtains, Rods, and Tie Backs.

Since curtains take up a large amount of visual space in the bedroom, the style and color of the fabric you use will play a big role in the color design scheme of the bedroom. If you use blue curtains for example, you are adding blue as a main color to your room’s color palette. Or if you use cowboy window curtains in your kids room, you are creating a cowboy theme in the space. When you are looking at bedroom curtain ideas and design styles, you will want to choose curtains based on the overall style you want to create in the bedroom. Have a look at my mood board here for different bedroom color schemes: Bedroom Color Ideas: Paint Schemes and Palette Mood Board.

If you have a small bedroom and want to make the space feel large and spacious, you are going to want to hang the curtains high above the window and wide as talked about above. Also, look for a fabric color that blends well with the wall color. Say you have white walls. Then go with white or off white curtains. Blending the color of the curtains with the walls creates a more uniform look in the bedroom – making it feel larger. Avoid using patterns on your bedroom curtains, solid colors work best for smaller spaces (Design Tips: Small Bedroom Ideas).

A Relaxing Space

A window seat makes for a relaxing space in the bedroom, just like the one in picture (4). This can be a great place to relax during the day, for reading and looking out of the window.

Privacy Options

If your house is built close to another one, or your bedroom is on the ground floor, then here some bedroom window ideas for adding privacy.

One simple idea is to hang a curtain rod half way down the window, or where your head height is (5). This lets you close off the window, but still keep natural light coming in from the top during the day. Short cafe window curtains are great for doing this.

If you get a double curtain rod, you can hang up sheers to use in the daytime. And on the second curtain rod a thicker curtain can be used at night.

In my bathroom window treatment ideas post (Light and Privacy: Ideas for Bathroom Window Treatments), I showed some examples of frosted windows. You can get decorative window panes, even stained glass, or you can simply buy frosted film that can stick over your existing windows (6).

Another way of closing off your windows, while still letting natural light in, is to use shutters. You can get ones that have slats that can be adjusted. Or there are more decorative shutters, seen in picture (7). Bamboo blinds also look great, and let slivers of light through. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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Spicing it Up: Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Here are some bedroom ceiling ideas to help transform your space. If you have a low ceiling, be careful not to over do it with the ceiling design. It can end up being a bit overwhelming and in your face. Whereas if you have high ceiling, you have more freedom to play around with the design.

Painting, Wallpaper Decor and Ceiling Design Styles

For some people, painting the bedroom walls in a color can feel a bit overwhelming. This isn’t the case if you just paint the ceiling a color. If you have plain white walls, then painting the ceiling can add some color to the space. You could also go for a decorative pattern, just like in picture (1).

For more fancy bedroom ceiling designs have a look at Anaglypta wallpapers. It is the 3D textured wallpaper that can be painted over to suit the color scheme of the room. And it can be used on the ceilings. You can get full patterned designs, or designs that mimic tiles.

Anaglypta Wallpaper

A Egon Floral: $3 Wayfair  |  B Alfred: $4 Wayfair

C Spencer: $6 Wayfair  |  D Victorian: $3 Wayfair

To create a traditional feeling room, look to fit bead boards on the ceiling. Another design option is to have exposed beams (2). These beams will create a rustic and charming looking bedroom.

Ceiling coffers are popular in modern homes and master bedrooms. They add a subtle style to the ceiling. In picture (3) you can see white coffers. But you can mix it up and paint the beams or the flat ceiling portions to suit your design style. Another idea is to use decorative ceiling trim, just like the ceiling in picture (4).

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve decided on the ceiling style you want to go for, there are some finishing touches that can add to the design of the room. One of these is crown molding. You could go the simple route. Or there are fancier options such as creating a coved ceiling, where the wall and ceiling are rounded – seen in picture (5). Other crown molding design options include: multi level crown molding/tray ceiling (6), or using anqitue style crown molding (7),

Another thing you can do, this time to create a whimsical and romantic bedroom, is to hang drapes down from the ceiling. Over the bed you can create your own ceiling canopy.

Lighting Design

There is a lot that you can do with lighting to create different ceiling designs.

In most modern homes you will see recessed bedroom ceiling lighting. These are lights that are fitted into the ceiling, and since everything is hidden away you create a clean, minimalist and modern look. To do this you are going to need to have a drop down or false ceiling to fit them into.

This false or drop down ceiling can take on different forms to create different designs. You can have multi level drop downs. You can create shapes with the ceilings. There are also cove lighting (8), where the ceiling lights are hidden away in side pockets, softly lighting up the bedroom. Then there is also dome ceilings, which can be combined with lighting.

A bedroom chandelier adds a formal, and shabby chic style to a bedroom. A chandelier can be combined with a decorative ceiling rose – seen in picture (9). Or if you want to go really creative and unique, why not use fiber optics to create a constellation sky in the ceiling.

For more bedroom lighting ideas, have a look at my mood board post here: Relaxing Bedroom Lighting Ideas.


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